Manuel DeSouza (t/a "Futuric Contracting") v. Guido Esposito

Manuel DeSouza (t/a “Futuric Contracting”) vs. Guido Esposito – Bermuda Supreme Court

Bermuda Supreme Court

Case Number: 273 of 2000

Filing Date: August 30, 2000

Plaintiff(s): Manuel DeSouza (t/a "Futuric Contracting")

Defendant(s): Guido Esposito

Plaintiff Attorney: Mello, Jones & Martin

Defendant Attorney: Marshall Aicardi (06-Mar-01)

273 of 2000
Marshall Aicardi
Mello Hollis Jones & Martin
August 30, 2000
Guido Esposito
Manuel DeSouza (t/a ", Futuric Contracting", )


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