MetaQuotes Ltd. et al v. MetaQuotes Software Corp. et al: Complaint

Complaint “to stop defendants … from using Plaintiffs’ trademark as part of a criminal enterprise to confuse the Real MetaQuotes customers into unintentionally paying money to the Counterfeit MetaQuotes and to immediately freeze the assets of Counterfeit MetaQuotes’, Counterfeit FXCA, Peijie Lu, and Jian Hein” in MetaQuotes Ltd., of Cyprus, and MetaQuotes Software Corp., of the Bahamas v. MetaQuotes Software Corp., of California; Standard Fintech Consulting Inc., of California; FXCA Markets Limited, of California; Peijie Liu, and Jian He at the U. S. District Court for the Central District of California.

  • 27
    March 28, 2022
    McManis Faulkner, Matthew Schechter
    Xx Xx Xx
    MetaQuotes Software Corp., Standard Fintech Consulting Inc., FXCA Markets Limited, Peijie Liu, Jian He
    MetaQuotes Ltd., MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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