Navigating the Regulation Nightmare in Offshore Transactions

Fiscal and regulatory sovereignty has become one of the greatest casualties of the recent financial crisis. To remedy global markets, onshore powerhouses have enacted a torrent of legislation that forces foreign jurisdictions to (directly or indirectly) abide by onshore regulatory requirements, or face isolation and penalties. Offshore service providers and advisors can no longer avoid the extraterritorial application of these laws.This session will arm you with basic tools to make you just a little bit dangerous when discussing international initiatives such as FATCA (including the US, UK and EU versions), AIFMD, EMIR, Dodd Frank, CFTC and a host of other acronyms that are a portent of the new age of borderless regulation.Speakers
  • Martin Livingston, Partner, Maples and Calder (Cayman Islands)
  • Gonzalo Jalles, CEO, Cayman Finance (Cayman Islands)
  • Robert Snetiker, Managing Consultant, The Regulatory Fundamentals Group (New York)


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