Oak Trust (Guernsey) Ltd. et al v. William Dewsall: Claimants’ Amended Reply

Claimants’ Amended Reply to Defendant’s Amended Defense regarding Gable Holdings Inc., of the Cayman Islands, and Gable Insurance AG, of Liechtenstein, in Kevin Alcock, of Surrey, England; Oak Trust (Guernsey) Limited, of Guernsey; Baytree Group Holdings Limited, Morvale Company Limited, and Aggaris Investments Limited, all of the British Virgin Islands; Christopher Lawrance, of South Africa; Corita Metelerkamp, of Surrey, England; Roy Campbell, of South Africa, and CriSeren Investments Limited, of Wales v. William Dewsall, of London, England, at the High Court for England and Wales.

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    December 11, 2019
    William Dewsall
    Kevin Robert Alcock, Oak Trust (Guernsey) Limited, Baytree Group Holdings Limited, Morvale Company Limited, Aggaris Investments Limited, Christopher Lister Lawrance, Corita Clare Metelerkamp, Roy Duncombe Campbell, CriSeren Investments Limited
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