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OffshoreAlert Conference Miami 2021

Event Details

Date:  Sunday, April 25, 2021 - Tuesday, April 27, 2021  
Location:  The Miami Beach EDITION
OffshoreAlert Conference Miami 2021

Event Description

18th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference North America: A Financial Intelligence & Investigations Event    

Operate more effectively in the world of high-value international finance.

The OffshoreAlert Conference focuses on Financial Intelligence & Investigations, with an emphasis on Offshore Financial Centers.

The event brings together more than 300 investigators, providers, and buyers of high-value financial products and services, including fraud and asset recovery attorneys, insolvency practitioners, litigation funders, professional service providers, regulators, law enforcement, journalists, and others.

When: APRIL 25-27, 2021
Where: EDITION Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
Price: $895-$1995

Conference Highlights

+ 275 Delegates
+ 40 Distinguished Speakers
+ 30 Onshore & Offshore Jurisdictions
+ 23 Sessions, 3 Stages
+ 12 Hours of Networking
+ 3 Cocktail Receptions

What Attendees Receive

+ Lucrative business relationships with key players in the biggest deals in global finance.
+ Ways to identify fraud and legally profit from it.
+ Tools and knowledge to locate, organize and understand information related to high-value international finance.
+ Latest intelligence from the world of OFCs.

About OffshoreAlert
OffshoreAlert is a news website founded in 1997 by investigative reporter David Marchant and offers news, documents & intelligence about businesses and individuals operating in Offshore Financial Centers, with an emphasis on fraud investigations. OffshoreAlert also holds conferences in North America and Europe tailored for the offshore world. 


OffshoreAlert Conference Miami 2021

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OffshoreAlert holds conferences in North America and Europe tailored for the offshore world.  Our events cover the full spectrum of issues in Offshore Finance and is a neutral forum to discuss and analyze all material aspects that affect individuals and corporations conducting business in or through Offshore Financial Centers.

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