Say hello to OffshoreAlert’s new look

    This weekend, we launched a new website and logo as part of a refresh of our visual identity. In addition to the revamp, we’ve improved usability and the overall experience for visitors.

    Enhancements include:

    • Better Presentation of Content;
    • Easier Navigation;
    • Faster Page-Loading Times;
    • Faster Search Engine;
    • New Search Engine Features;
    • Mobile Friendly;
    • Educational Videos;
    • A ‘Top Investigations’ Section, and
    • A ‘Team Subscription’ for Multi-User Access.

    Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around OffshoreAlert aligning with this new direction. We also have a new slogan – ‘If There’s Trouble, We’ll Find It’ – that better reflects what we do. It’s still us but, we hope, more modern and instantly recognizable.

    We’ve made it easier and quicker for subscribers to find what’s of interest to them. This is increasingly important given that our database of articles and documents is growing daily.
    – David Marchant, Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert

    About OffshoreAlert: Launched in 1997, Miami-based OffshoreAlert hunts for red flags in high-value international finance by monitoring offshore and onshore courts, regulatory actions, offering materials, and other sources – and quickly alerts subscribers, who have access to our database 24/7. We also hold in-person and virtual events on intelligence, investigations, and recovery.

    We invite you to explore our new site at and we encourage feedback.

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    • Orin Simmons
      You’ve definitely raised the bar terms in terms of quality and professionalism. Job well done .

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