Peru: Luis Alberto Cubas Portal et al (Florida)

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence – pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Peru – for a criminal investigation into Karelia Montesinos Torres de Cubas, Estela Alicia Fatima Mariela Zimmermann Delgado de Montesinos, Orlando Montesinos Torres, Luis Alberto Cubas Portal, Karla Cubas Montesinos, Luis Arturo Cubas Montesinos, Martin Cubas Montesinos, Luis Francisco Cubas Padilla, Maria Aurora Portal Marin, Julia Cubas Portal Vda. Quinde, Jorge Cubas Portal, Luis Esther Cubas Portal, Olga Cubas Portal, Carmen Cubas Portal, Elizabeth Cubas Portal and Rossana Cubas Portal for suspected “money laundering in connection with proceeds obtained through drug trafficking”.

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    December 13, 2004
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