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Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund LP et al v. Platinum Management (NY) LLC et al: Second Amended Complaint

Second Amended Complaint in Martin Trott and Christopher Smith, as Joint Official Liquidators and Foreign Representatives of Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund LP (in Official Liquidation) and Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund LP (in Official Liquidation), of the Cayman Islands v. Platinum Management (NY) LLC, Mark Nordlicht, David Levy, Estate of Uri Landesman, Murray Huberfeld, David Bodner, Daniel Small, Joseph SanFilippo, David Ottensoser, Bernard Fuchs, Michael Nordlicht, Michael Katz, Kevin Cassidy, Seth Gerzberg, Ezra Beren, Naftali Manela, Daniel Saks, Moshe M. Feuer, a.k.a. Mark Feuer; Scott Taylor, Dhruv Narain, Platinum Partners Black Elk Opportunities Fund LLC, Platinum Partners Black Elk Opportunities Fund International Ltd., Morris Fuchs, Leon Meyers, MN Consulting NY LLC, Estate of Jules Nordlicht, Barbara Nordlicht, Estate of Solomon Englander, Estate of Gertrude Englander, Rockwell Fulton Capital LP, Ditmas Park Capital LP, Platinum Group FI Group LLC, FBCA Trust, Aaron Parnes, Sarah Parnes, Shmuel Fuchs Foundation, Solomon Werdiger, Olive Tree Holdings LLC, Huang Lai Tsu Hsia, Huberfeld Family Foundation, Mind Body & Soul Co. Limited, Twosons Corporation, GRD Estates Ltd., Meadows Capital LLC, Abraham C. Grossman, David Gichtin, Ora Gichtin, Golda Wilk, The Estate of Marcos Katz, Adela Katz, Beechwood Capital Group LLC, B Asset Manager LP, B Asset Manager II LP, Beechwood Re Investments LLC, Beechwood Re Holdings Inc., PB Investment Holdings Ltd., as successor in interest to Beechwood Bermuda Investment Holdings Ltd.; Beechwood Re Ltd., Beechwood Bermuda International Ltd., BAM Administrative Services LLC, Illumin Capital Management LP, Private Bankers Life Annuity LTC 2, as successor interest to BBIL ULICO 2014 Trust, Washing National LTC 2, as successor in interest to BRe WNIC 2013 LTC Primary and BRe WNIC 2013 LTC Sub; Bankers Conseco Life Ins. Co. - LTC 2, as successor in interest to BRe BCLIC Primary and BRe BCLIC Sub; BBLN-Pedco Corp., BHLN-Pedco Corp., and Beechwood Trust Nos. 1-20 at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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Insurance;Liquidations & Insolvencies;Litigation;Securities & Investment



Platinum Management (NY) LLC;Mark Nordlicht;David Levy;Estate of Uri Landesman;Murray Huberfeld;David Bodner;Daniel Small;Joseph SanFilippo;David Ottensoser;Bernard Fuchs;Michael Nordlicht;Michael Katz;Kevin Cassidy;Seth Gerzberg;Ezra Beren;Naftali Manela;Daniel Saks;Moshe Feuer;Scott Taylor;Dhruv Narain;Platinum Partners Black Elk Opportunities Fund LLC;Platinum Partners Black Elk Opportunities Fund International Ltd.;Morris Fuchs;Leon Meyers;MN Consulting NY LLC;Estate of Jules Nordlicht;Barbara Nordlicht;Estate of Solomon Englander;Estate of Gertrude Englander;Rockwell Fulton Capital LP;Ditmas Park Capital LP;Platinum Group FI Group LLC;FBCA Trust;Aaron Parnes;Sarah Parnes;Shmuel Fuchs Foundation;Solomon Werdiger;Olive Tree Holdings LLC;Huang Lai Tsu Hsia;Huberfeld Family Foundation;Mind Body & Soul Co. Limited;Twosons Corporation;GRD Estates Ltd.;Meadows Capital LLC;Abraham C. Grossman;David Gichtin;Ora Gichtin;Golda Wilk;Estate of Marcos Katz;Adela Katz;Beechwood Capital Group LLC;B Asset Manager LP;B Asset Manager II LP;Beechwood Re Investments LLC;Beechwood Re Holdings Inc.;PB Investment Holdings Ltd.;Beechwood Re Ltd.;Beechwood Bermuda International Ltd.;BAM Administrative Services LLC;Illumin Capital Management LP;Private Bankers Life Annuity LTC 2;Washing National LTC 2;Bankers Conseco Life Ins. Co. - LTC 2;BBLN-Pedco Corp.;BHLN-Pedco Corp.;Beechwood Trust


Court Name - US Federal:

New York - Southern District Court





Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund LP;Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund LP;Martin Trott;Christopher Smith



March 29, 2019


Case Number:

Xx Xx Xx

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