Radical Investments Ltd. v. Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC et al: First Amended Complaint

    First Amended Complaint alleging a $6.7 million fraud involving “non-existent doses” of a COVID-19 vaccine “for the purpose of vaccinating nearly 300,000 citizens of the island of Barbados” in Radical Investments Ltd., described as a St. Lucia company based in Barbados v. Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC, of Florida; Alex Lee Moore, a.k.a. Flex Moore; Prestige Pegasus LLC, of Colorado; Moniladae Coley, a.k.a. Moniladai Coley; Charles Stein, a.k.a. Charlie Stein, a lawyer in California, and Davidovich Stein Law Group LLC, a law firm California, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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    September 29, 2021
    Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC, Alex Lee Moore Jr., Prestige Pegasus LLC, Moniladae Coley, Charles Stein, Davidovich Stein Law Group LLP
    Radical Investments Ltd.
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    Vazquez & Associates, Ralph Longo