‘Remove document in 72 hours or I sue,’ writes Rewetiekoemar Kanhai

Dear Mr. Marchant,

Recently it came to my attention that when googling my name, this appears on your website in what can be interpreted as an alert to me as a person and my reputation.

I hereby kindly request you to remove this information or at least my name from your website as it has no base to be there in the first place. I have never done anything suspicious or illegal that must create the impression of otherwise. In case needed, I can sent you a declaration by Aruba’s district attorney that my company as well as I have no involvement in anything that should be mentioned as to an alert.

In case you do not honor my request or I receive any reaction from within 72 hours, I will put this matter in the hands of an attorney in Miami. This message will be sent in a formal letter to you.


Rewetiekoemar S. Kanhai
Director, Compra y Venta Oro Cash N.V.


  • mm
    David Marchant
    The document you are complaining about is publicly-available from the U. S. District Court for the Central District of California. It is, literally, available to any member of the public anywhere in the world from the U.S. federal court system's web-site known as PACER. This document will not be removed from OffshoreAlert's web-site. Feel free to sue. Any attorney who tells you that you have any chance of succeeding is an idiot. Your threat is pathetic.
  • Nicola Murray
    Did he sue? lol
    • mm
      David Marchant

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