‘Remove ‘false reporting’ on AAA Group or I’ll file a criminal complaint against you,’ writes Peter Obrist

Att. David Marchant,

We came across your blog about us in https://www.offshorealert.com/peter-obrist-aaa-group-Didier-Van-Caloen-regulatory-action.aspx there is a Ponzi scheme, however we AAA investors are victims to this swindle. If you want to full story about the scheme we and other investors fell victims to, in the hands of a criminal real estate developer based in Bali Indonesia, a.k.a. mc2, we will be happy to let you know the full story for your media reporting We have placed a criminal file against the perpetrators in Indonesia. Can send you a copy of the filing if you are interested. In the meantime, we advise you to urgently remove this false reporting blog from the system. Should you fail to comply with our request we shall also make you part of the criminal filing we have in place and also file suit for defamation damages. We are also interested to know the origins of your wrong information. The regulator is well aware of the criminal acts we fell victim to, they also would like to know about names of persons or the company that supplied you the information.
Appreciate your urgent handling.
Peter Obrist
AAA Group


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