RSS Judgment Enforcement LLC v. Symbion Power Tanzania Ltd. et al: Complaint

    Complaint to enforce “a foreign arbitral award … in the amount of nearly $30 million” alleging fraud against “a New York based group of companies that are operated under the “Symbion Power” name who develop, build and operate power generation, transmission and distribution projects in the Middle East, Asia and Africa” in RSS Judgment Enforcement LLC, as the assignee of Rental Solutions and Services LLC v. Symbion Power Tanzania Ltd., of Tanzania; Symbion Power Holdings, LLC, of Delaware; Symbion Energy Holdings Limited, of Cyprus; Symbion Power, LLC, of Delaware; Symbion Power Africa, LLC, of Delaware; Symbion Power Services U.S., Inc., of Delaware; Paul Hinks, of New York; Richard Westbury, a.k.a. Richard Bethell, described as “a citizen of the United Kingdom”, and R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd., of Cyprus, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    May 13, 2021
    Symbion Power Tanzania Ltd., Symbion Power Holdings LLC, Symbion Energy Holdings Limited, Symbion Power LLC, Symbion Power Africa LLC, Symbion Power Services U.S. Inc., Paul Hinks, Richard Westbury, R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd.
    RSS Judgment Enforcement LLC
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    Curran Antonelli, Christopher Marks