Sancus Financial Holdings Ltd. et al v. Chad Holm et al: Appeal Judgment

Judgment regarding an ownership dispute involving the Bank of Asia (BVI) in Sancus Financial Holdings Limited, of the British Virgin Islands; Carson Wen, described as “a corporate lawyer and financial investor”, and his wife, Julia Yuet Shan Fung, both of Hong Kong v. Chad Holm, described as “an experienced banker”, of the United States, and FH Investment (BVI) Limited, of the British Virgin Islands, at the British Virgin Islands Court of Appeal.

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    March 30, 2020
    Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, Chad Holm, FH Investment (BVI) Limited
    Sancus Financial Holdings Limited, Carson Wen, Julia Yuet Shan Fung
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    Louise Esther Blenman, Paul Webster