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Noah Craft et al v. Science 37 Inc. et al: Complaint

Complaint in Noah A. Craft and Belinda H. Tan, both individually and derivatively on behalf of Science 37 Inc. v. Science 37 Inc., Redmile Group LLC, Robert C Faulkner, Redmile Capital Offshore Fund II Ltd., of the Cayman Islands; Redmile Private Investments II LP, Redmile Strategic Master Fund LP, of the Cayman Islands; Lux Capital Group LLC, Adam Goulburn, Lux Ventures IV LP, DRX Capital AG, of Switzerland; Lucian Iancovici, Neil Tiwari, Pharmaecutical Product Development LLC, Bhooshi de Silva, Glynn Capital Management LLC, Scott Jordon, Glynn Partners IV LP, Sanofi Ventures, and Bernard Davitian at the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

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Science 37 Inc.;Redmile Group LLC;Robert C Faulkner;Redmile Capital Offshore Fund II Ltd.;Redmile Private Investments II LP;Redmile Strategic Master Fund LP;Lux Capital Group LLC, Adam Goulburn;Lux Ventures IV LP;DRX Capital AG;Lucian Iancovici;Neil Tiwari;Pharmaecutical Product Development LLC;Bhooshi de Silva;Glynn Capital Management LLC;Scott Jordon;Glynn Partners IV LP;Sanofi Ventures;Bernard Davitian


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Xx Xx Xx





Noah A. Craft;Belinda H. Tan



April 24, 2019

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