SEC v. Harmel Rayat et al: Amended Complaint

Amended Complaint alleging “a longstanding and wide-reaching fraudulent scheme to increase the share price and trading volume of the common stock of RenovaCare, a purported medical device company with no commercially available product and no revenue” in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Harmel S. Rayat, a citizen and resident of Canada; RenovaCare Inc., Jatinder Bhogal, a citizen and resident of Canada; Jeetenderjit Singh Sidhu, a citizen and resident of Canada, and Sharon Fleming, of California, as Defendants, and Treadstone Financial Group Ltd., of Canada; Treadstone Financial Group LLC, of Delaware; Blackbriar Asset Management Ltd., of Canada, and 1420527 Alberta Ltd. of Canada,, as Relief Defendants, at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    August 26, 2022
    Harmel S. Rayat, RenovaCare Inc., Jatinder Bhogal, Jeetenderjit Singh Sidhu, Sharon Fleming, Treadstone Financial Group Ltd., Treadstone Financial Group LLC, Blackbriar Asset Management Ltd., 1420527 Alberta Ltd.
    Securities and Exchange Commission
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