SEC v. Vladimir Okhotnikov et al: Complaint (‘$300M Crypto Fraud’)

    Complaint alleging a $300 million crypto-based investment fraud involving an “unincorporated entity” in Russia called Forsage in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Vladimir Okhotnikov, described as a citizen of Russia residing in Tbilisi, Georgia; Jane Doe, a.k.a. Lola Ferrari, who “is believed to be a Russian national residing in Bali, Indonesia”; Mikhail Sergeev, who “is believed to reside in Moscow, Russia; Sergey Maslakov, who “is believed to reside in Gelendzhik or Moscow, Russia”; Samuel D. Ellis, of Kentucky; Mark F. Hamlin, of Virginia; Sarah L. Theissen, of Wisconsin; Carlos L. Martinez, of Chicago, Illinois; Ronald R. Deering, of Idaho; Cheri Beth Bowen, of Mississippi, and Alisha R. Shepperd, of Florida, at the U.S. District Court for the northern District of Illinois.

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    August 01, 2022
    Vladimir Okhotnikov, Mikhail Sergeev, Sergey Maslakov, Samuel D. Ellis, Mark F. Hamlin, Sarah L. Theissen, Carlos L. Martinez, Ronald R. Deering, Cheri Beth Bowen, Alisha R. Shepperd
    Securities and Exchange Commission
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