SIC Holdings LLC v. Bain Capital LP: Discovery Application

Application by SIC Holdings LLC, of Nevada, to take discovery from Bain Capital LP for use in legal proceedings in New York alleging fraud brought by VXI Lux Holdco Sarl, of Luxembourg, against SIC Holdings LLC, Symbio Investment Corp., of the British Virgin Islands; Flanderit Holding AB, of Sweden; CapMan Equity VII A LP, CapMan Equity VII C LP, CapMan Equity Sweden KB, Maneq 2005 AB, all of Finland; Financial Technology Ventures II (Q) LP, Financial Technology Ventures II LP, both of Delaware; Actua Holdings Inc., formerly known as ICG Holdings Inc., of Delaware; Landtek Corporation, of the British Virgin Islands; Treasure High Holdings, of the British Virgin Islands; Waterton Resources Limited, of the British Virgin Islands; University Ventures Inc., of Taiwan; Randy Lee, of California; Ethos Technologies Holding Ltd., of Delaware; Joning Ta, South China (Jersey) Holdings Limited, of Jersey, in the Channel Islands; Graham Bolton, of China; Michael Keating, of North Carolina; Jean Cholka, of Maine; James Reesing, of Ohio; Paul Machle, of California; Bo Huang, of China; Gagandeep Singh, John Wagster, of Tennessee; Big Bend XI Investments LP, of Texas; Anthony Massa, Deborah Baldini, of California; Susan Kirchhoff, Jacob Hsu, of California, and Qing Lu, of California, filed at the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara.

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    October 01, 2020
    Bain Capital LP
    SIC Holdings LLC
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