‘Stop publishing rubbish’, says Tony Habib

Dear Sir,

I read the write up using your website about myself and other people. My name is Tony Habib for identification purposes, I find it so unfair that you allow some person who I never dealt with or written to, make such false accusations. This man paid me no funds nor had retained me to work for him or do any work on his behalf.

At no time was I present or aware of any of the negotiations between Pheonix [sic] or himself.

When Mr Iglesias took the deal on board I was asked to introduce him to a company whereby they both can work out a deal for a Bill of exchange. I had no further role and had no in put in formulating any deal between the parties.

I find it un fair [sic] for your good self to allow such rubbish to be published on your site. If you like any further information, please contact me by mail and I will provide you with any information you desire that is in my possession concerning any questions you might have.


Tony Habib



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