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Nebahat Evyap İşbilen v. Standard Chartered Bank et al: Discovery Application (‘£40M Fraud’)

Application by Nebahat Evyap İşbilen, described as a 76-year-old "Turkish national resident in the United Kingdom", to take discovery from Standard Chartered Bank, Citigroup Inc. d.b.a. Citibank; Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., Goldman Sachs and Co., Bank of America N.A., Deutsche Bank A.G., Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, HSBC Bank, Société Générale, and M&T Bank Corporation for use in legal proceedings in England against entities in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, England, Jersey, in the Channel Islands, and United Arab Emirates regarding "a multinational fraud committed against her by Mr. Selman Turk", filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.