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Offshore accountant Irvin BonCamper charged with fraud in Texas

St. Kitts & Nevis based accountant Malchus Irvin BonCamper, who has featured in several OffshoreAlert articles over the last 10 years concerning his involvement in illegal activity, is in custody in Texas after being criminally indicted on multiple counts of

Nevis regulator issues warning against Irvin BonCamper

St. Kitts-based offshore financial services provider Malchus Irvin R. BonCamper and his group of companies are the targets of a warning issued by regulators in Nevis.According to a warning issued by Nevis Financial Services Development and Marketing Department on May 22, 2006, information on a web-site at is “misleading” and BonCamper, A.F.M. Trust and Corporate Ltd., AFM Trust & Corporate Services, and A.F.M. Services Group “are not licensed to conduct international/offshore financial services business in any capacity, in and from within Nevis.

Unlicensed Internet bank offered for sale by AFM Services Group

St. Kitts and Nevis-based offshore provider Irvin Boncamper is trying to sell an Internet "bank" for US$3.2 million by incorrectly claiming that it is licensed, we can disclose.Boncamper sent out a mass email on August 3, 2001 in the name of his firm, AFM Trust and Corporate Services Ltd., inviting offers for something known as "Internet Bank and Trust".