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African Gold Acquisition Corp.: $103K Fine

Administrative Order by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission imposing a fine of $103,591 on African Gold Acquisition Corp., described as "a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with its principal place of business in New York, New York", for, inter alia, the entity's "failure to implement sufficient internal controls enabled its former chief financial officer [Cooper Morgenthau] to misappropriate nearly all of the money in African Gold’s operating bank account and to otherwise effectively use African Gold’s operating bank account as his own personal account for over one year".

SEC v. Cooper Morgenthau: Complaint & Proposed Judgment (‘$5M Fraud Against Cayman Entities’)

Complaint (and Proposed Judgment) alleging the defendant "stole more than $5 million" from his employer, African Gold Acquisition Corp., and from investors in Strategic Metals Acquisition Corp. I and Strategic Metals Acquisition Corp. II, all of the Cayman Islands, in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Cooper J. Morgenthau at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.