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United Kingdom v. James Onanefe Ibori et al: Application to Enforce Restraining Orders

USA's Ex Parte Application to Enforce and Register Foreign Restraining Orders in connection with an investigation in the United Kingdom into an alleged money laundering scheme by James Onanefe Ibori, former Governor of Nigeria's Delate State, and Bhadresh Gohil, an English attorney, filed at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

USA v. Jonathan Curshen et al: Superseding Indictment

Superseding Indictment in a criminal action by the USA vs.against Jonathan Randall Curshen, Izhack Zigdon, a.k.a. Ytzchak Zigdon; Eric Ariav Weinbaum, Robert Lloyd Weidenbaum, Ronny Salazar Morales, Michael Simon Krome, Ryan Mark Reynolds, Nathan Bradley Montgomery, and Timothy Brown Barham, Jr. at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

USA v. Jonathan Curshen et al: Criminal Indictment

Criminal indictment against Jonathan Randall Curshen, Michael Simon Krome, Ronny Salazar Morales, Robert Lloyd Weidenbaum, Eric Ariav Weinbaum and Izhack Zigdon for alleged securities fraud.

SEC v. Jonathan Curshen et al: Complaint

SEC complaint against Jonathan Randall Curshen, Michael Krome, David Ricci, Ronny Morales Salazar, Robert Weidenbaum, Ariav 'Eric' Weinbaum, and Yitzchak Zigdon, a.k.a. Izhack Zigdon for alleged securities fraud.

Depositor took $6 m out of AIDT one month before liquidation, says liquidator

A Costa Rica-based company associated with accused securities fraudster Jonathan Curshen transferred $6 million from a Colorado-based offshore bank to Liechtenstein just 33 days before the bank went into liquidation.That was, perhaps, the most startling fact contained in documentation that recently became publicly-available as part of the liquidation of American Intercapital Depository & Trust, which was closed down last November after its local regulator considered the bank "hopelessly insolvent" and its management untrustworthy.

Insider Talking: March 10, 2008

A state-owned bank in Taiwan has obtained a $25.1 million default judgment over the Government of Grenada regarding unpaid loans, OffshoreAlert can disclose; Bahamian Samuel Knowles, 48, was found guilty on one count of conspiracy to import cocaine and one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine by a jury at federal court in the USA on March 5, 2008; The forced closure by regulators of Colorado's sole remaining 'offshore bank', American Intercapital Depository Trust, on November 19, 2007 was confirmed on January 17, 2008 when no-one turned up to contest the regulatory action at a hearing before the Colorado Division of Banking; and Does anyone remember Alexandre Konanykhine?

Insider Talking: January 4, 2008

A public hearing is scheduled to be held before the Colorado Banking Board on January 17, 2008 at which a challenge will be heard to the "emergency order of involuntary liquidation and order for possession" that were entered by the Board on November 19, 2007 against the state's sole remaining offshore bank, American Intercapital Holding LLC., d.b.a. American Intercapital Depository & Trust, f.k.a. American International Depository & Trust; Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, along with his wife, Marietta Mitchell, was dismissed as a defendant in a civil action at the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on December 5, 2007 after all parties agreed that he is entitled to "head-of-state immunity"; Visitors to the "Warnings" page of a web-site operated by the Nevis Financial Services Regulation & Supervision Department will no longer see a warning that the regulatory agency issued on October 19, 2007 against Global Consultants and Services (Nevis) Limited; and The legal validity of Condor Insurance Limited's Amory-assisted continuance from St. Kitts to Nevis was challenged by Condor's principal, Harvey Milam, in a filing at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi on December 21, 2007.

Insider Talking: December 11, 2007

Bermuda took another step down the road from well-respected, relatively-clean, model democracy to internationally-ridiculed, corruption-ridden, banana republic when the office of Bermuda's Auditor General, Larry Dennis, was raided by police for the second time in five months on November 17, 2007; Two ex-clients of jailed former Panama-based offshore financial services provider Marc Harris escaped prison-time when they were sentenced for tax evasion-related offenses at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on November 30, 2007; AM Costa Rica news service reported on November 9, 2007 that the Seccion de Fraudes of the Judicial Investigating Organization raided the offices of Trade Exchange SA, a.k.a. Tradex, on October 30 as part of an investigation into the activities of an expatriate financial consultant, Mark Emory Boswell, a.k.a. Rex Freeman, and his wife, Evelyn Reed; Three former employees of National Westminster Bank Plc - popularly known as the 'NatWest Three' - entered into plea agreements with the U. S. Government on November 28, 2007 in which they admitted their roles in defrauding their employer of $7.3 million in March, 2000 via transactions involving Enron Corp. and a legal vehicle in the Cayman Islands known as LJM Cayman LP Ironically, earlier in November, just before much of the British press were lauding the NatWest fraudsters, several British newspapers published the results of research by offshore banking provider NatWest International Personal Banking that indicated 1 in 10 British expatriates have been victims of banking fraud; and The manner of the collapse of Colorado's last remaining offshore bank, American Intercapital Depository and Trust, known as AIDT, which regulators recently closed down due to "hopeless" insolvency and their belief that the management was dishonest, casts doubt on the credibility of The Offshore Institute, a professional organization whose President, E. Jerry James, was AIDT's guiding force.

Colorado regulators close down ‘offshore bank’

Colorado's banking regulators have closed down the state's last remaining 'offshore bank', claiming the institution is "hopelessly insolvent" and its managers untrustworthy. American Intercapital Holding, LLC, doing business as American Intercapital Depository & Trust and formerly known as American International Depository & Trust, was placed in "immediate involuntary liquidation" by an order of the Colorado Division of Banking's State Banking Board on November 19, 2007 immediately following an emergency meeting. State Banking Commissioner Richard Fulkerson has been appointed liquidator and Philip Feigin, a former Colorado State Securities Commissioner now working for the law firm of Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP, as Deputy Receiver.

Colorado regulator takes action to close down ‘offshore’ bank

Colorado's banking regulator has taken legal action in an attempt to close down American International Depository & Trust, which bills itself as the “first Old-World International Private Bank in the United States”. AIDT is defending the action at Colorado's Office of Administrative Courts and has obtained an order sealing the case in an attempt to limit the damage to its business.

Insider Talking: February 7, 2007

Bermuda Supreme Court has ruled that Finance Minister Paula Cox acted lawfully in assisting U. S. tax authorities in an investigation into California-based offshore trust advisor Terence Michael Coxon; On January 10, 2007, the Central Bank of the Bahamas issued warnings against Caribbean International Bank and Deltec Financial & Trust Services; and a look at the dubious background of Ronald Rudman, Compliance Officer for Colorado-based American International Depository & Trust.

Colorado-based ‘offshore bank’ target of lawsuits & regulatory warning

A Colorado-based financial institution that promotes itself as the first ‘offshore bank' in the United States is living up to its billing - by becoming involved in controversy. American International Holding LLC, d.b.a. American International Depository & Trust, has only been in business since 2003 but has already been sued twice at U. S. federal courts.