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    Auditor resigns from Axiom Legal Financing Fund’s biggest borrower

    The auditor of a British law firm that owes Axiom Legal Financing Fund approximately £50 million has resigned, citing problems obtaining sufficient information to perform its task. OffshoreAlert has uncovered evidence calling into question the auditor's independence.

    Axiom Legal Financing Fund appears to be a Ponzi scheme

    New evidence uncovered by OffshoreAlert indicates that the recently-suspended Axiom Legal Financing Fund is hopelessly insolvent as a result of self-dealing and fraud by insiders. The Cayman Islands-domiciled Fund, which has raised more than £117 million, appears to be a Ponzi scheme.
    Timothy Schools

    More red flags regarding fast-growing Axiom Legal Financing Fund

    As investors continue to pour millions of pounds each month into Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, OffshoreAlert has uncovered more red flags, including conflicting financial statements, £7.9 million loaned to a debt-ridden law firm owned by Axiom's principal, and insurance provided by an unregulated, unaudited firm that is currently defending a fraud lawsuit brought by one of its clients.
    Timothy Schools

    Head of Cayman fund group Tim Schools accused of professional misconduct in UK

    The head of a Cayman Islands fund group that claims to manage $160 million, promotes its investments as "low risk" and boasts of "consistent" 12% net annual returns for investors is being prosecuted for alleged professional misconduct in the United Kingdom. British attorney Tim Schools faces 11 allegations, including that he "failed to act with integrity" and "failed to act in the best interests of his clients".