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    David Molner v. Reed Smith LLP et al: Notice of Removal

    Notice of Removal by Reed Smith LLP in David Molner, "former manager" of Aramid Entertainment Fund Limited v. Reed Smith LLP, of New york, NY; James C. McCarroll, of New York, NY; Geoffrey Varga, of New York, NY; James L. Sanders, of Los Angeles, CA; Francisca Mok, of Los Angeles, CA; Kurt Gwynne, of New York, NY; Jordan W. Siev, of New York, NY; David Bree, of the Cayman Islands; Roger Hanson, of the Cayman Islands; Donald M. Seymour, of the Cayman Islands; Jess Shakespeare, of the Cayman Islands; Kinetic Partners, of New York, NY; Duff & Phelps LLC, of New York, NY, and DMS Governance Ltd., of the Cayman Islands, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.