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Assured Guaranty v. EMC Mortgage Corp.

Assured Guaranty is seeking to recover more than $30 million that it has paid out in mortgage backed securities claims and an order protecting it from having to satisfy future claims that could total tens of millions of dollars more.

Assured Guaranty v. JPMorgan

Assured Guaranty is seeking damages against JPMorgan for alleged fraud regarding municipal bonds issued by a county in Alabama that has allegedly exposed the insurer to claims of up to $378 million.Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp., f.k.a. Financial Security Assurance Inc.

Assured Guaranty v. Deutsche Bank affiliates

Assured Guaranty is suing two affiliates of Deutsche Bank in an attempt to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in claims regarding mortgage backed securities.Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp, f.k.a. Financial Security Assurance Inc., filed a civil complaint against DB