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    Jersey AG v. LGL Trustees Ltd.: Judgment

    Judgment for failing to comply with money laundering laws involving the proceeds of corruption in Angola in The Attorney General of Jersey, in the Channel Islands v. LGL Trustees Limited at the Royal Court of Jersey. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert in the Jersey Financial Services Commission's Companies Registry showed that, when the accounts for Angola were set up in 2010/2011, the shareholders of LGL Trustees Limited were Owen Francis Lynch, Leslie Norman, Malcolm John Le Boutillier, Anthony Paul del Amo, and Adam Justin Clarke, all of Jersey. The company is currently owned by another Jersey firm, LGL Holdings Limited, whose shareholders in its 2020 annual return were identified as Owen Lynch, Leslie Norman, John Edward Pirouet, Anthony Arthur Pitcher, Alan Padraig Dunphy, Paul Steven Charles Tomlinson, Francis Dickson Christie, Spencer John Daley, Ian Colin James, and Liberation EBT Limited, as Trustee of the LGL Group Employee Benefits Trust, all of Jersey.

    Robert Davis et al v. Isle of Man Attorney General: Judgment

    Judgment regarding an application to amend a "doleance claim" to quash search and seizure warrants for an investigation into money laundering involving international payments processing and money services firm PacNet Services Ltd., of Canada, in Robert Paul Davis, Monica Elizabete Botcher, Timothy Richard Craine, Balladaniel Limited, Differentia Limited, Counting House Services Limited, Delivered Co. Ltd., and Susana Keil v. HM Attorney General at the Isle of Man High Court.

    DenJen Law et al v. Attorney General: Claim Form

    Claim Form for damages for "wrongful arrest", "conversion" and other causes in Stephen Daniels and Denniston Stewart Fraser, d.b.a. DenJen Law v. The Attorney General at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

    Banco Galicia Cayman: Ex Parte Originating Summons

    Ex Parte Originating Summons In the Matter of Banco Galicia Cayman, now known as Galicia (Cayman) Ltd., for criminal proceedings in Argentina, filed at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.