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    Latin America Round-Up: November 10, 2008

    ARGENTINA Menem on trialAlthough he did not show up at court, former Argentina president Carlos Menem began to be tried for his alleged involvement in smuggling arms to Ecuador and Croatia, the biggest corruption scandal during his years in office

    Latin America Round-Up: January 7, 2007

    BRAZIL: Weapons Galore; Pay Raises Cause Outrage; CHILE: Never Convicted, Pinochet Dies; COLOMBIA: Colombia to Receive Orejuela's Money; INTERNATIONAL: Bribes the rule; MEXICO: Oaxaca still a mess; Drug Money, Impossible to Uproot; NICARAGUA: New Government Already in Motion; PERU: Worrying Signals; Fujimori's Money in Bank of Tokyo; and REGIONAL: A few families control all.

    Latin America Round-Up: November 11, 2007

    BRAZIL Fight against drugs controversy Brazil is involved an increasingly angry debate about the role of the security forces as they fight against drug trafficking mafias in shanty towns. The government decided to leave this fight in the army's hands

    Latin America Round-Up: July 10, 2006

    CHILE: The Arms-Laundering Connection; COLOMBIA: Updated Black List; INTERNATIONAL: International Cooperation Facilitates Capture; PANAMA: Towards Expansion?; and PERU: García Wins; and New Tools to Fight against Laundering.

    Latin America Round-Up: June 7, 2006

    COLOMBIA: Uribe set for win;; Arrested for Money Laundering; MEXICO: Laundering Couple Trapped; NICARAGUA: Efforts to Repatriate Alemán's Assets Continue; PANAMA: Prestigious Law Firm Involved in Pinochet Scandal; and PARAGUAY: Saving Cooperatives under Scrutiny.

    Latin America Round-Up: March 6, 2006

    ARGENTINA: New Anti-Money Laundering unit; BRAZIL: PineBank under Scrutiny in Miami; CHILE: More controls over casinos; COLOMBIA: Businessman accused of money laundering; Rodríguez Orejuela's son in trouble; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Anti-Laundering Unit fever goes on; GUATEMALA: US to help in anti-laundering efforts; INTERNATIONAL: New guidelines for correspondent banks; REGIONAL: In the footsteps of their fathers; and PERU: Laundered money is about $550 Million.

    Latin America Round-Up: February 4, 2006

    CHILE: Pinochle's Family Implicated; COLOMBIA: New Rules to Avoid Laundering; INTERNATIONAL: Correspondent Banking On the Spot (Again); PARAGUAY: The Dubious Honor of Being “Debarred”; PERU; Money Laundering and the Presidential Election Campaign; and VENEZUELA: New Regulation for the Stock Exchange

    Latin America Round-Up: January 4, 2006

    ARGENTINA: Corruption Grows, Prevention Low; CHILE: Chasing Pinochle's Funds; PERU: Corruption, Another Contender in Elections; Despite everything, Flores puts Woodman on her ticket; Banca Intesa Sells Wiese.

    Latin America Round-Up: September 4, 2005

    BRAZIL Party blues Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva's government is still paralyzed by the corruption scandal that has been going on for three months. His Workers' Party (PT), which believed it had exclusivity on principled politics in Brazil, is now

    Latin America Round-Up: July 5, 2005

    ARGENTINA: Cavallo, Again; COLOMBIA: Money Laundering Increasing; Disarticulated Laundering Network; HONDURAS: Another Twist in Bancorp's Tale; LATIN AMERICA: Justice, Maybe; MEXICO: Free Salinas?; and PERU: Banco Wiese report.

    Latin America Round-Up: April 30, 2005

    CHILE: Money Laundering in Post-Pinochet Times; COLOMBIA: Uribe On the Spot; COSTA RICA: Lucky Calderón Under House Arrest; MEXICO: New Developments in Casablanca Operation; URUGUAY: No Sentence For the Peirano Brothers, Yet; VENEZUELA: Phony Numbers At the Forex Counter.

    Latin America Round-Up: March 31, 2005

    CHILE Pinochet Had 125 Bank Accounts A further investigation by a U. S. Senate Subcommittee into former dictator Augusto Pinochet's riches revealed this month that he held 125 bank accounts in the U. S., and not a few as previously

    Latin America Round-Up: February 28, 2005

    CHILE: Pinochet Says He Wants to Pay; COLOMBIA: Corruption Costs; INTERNATIONAL: An Evil Eye Opens Up Again; Banking Blues; and MEXICO: Salinas Again.

    Latin America Round-Up: January 31, 2005

    ARGENTINA: Purge in Prison; CHILE: Pinochet Investigation Becomes Global; COLOMBIA: "Let Politicians Tremble"; and PERU: Lost Millions Recovered.

    Latin America Round-Up: December 31, 2004

    ARGENTINA: He Came Back for Christmas; BRAZIL: Banking Scandal; CHILE: "Pinochecks" Pay Back; COLOMBIA: Rodríguez Orejuela Faces Charges in the U. S.; ECUADOR: Money from Colombia?; GUATEMALA: No Visa for Military Men; LATIN AMERICA: More Corruption is expected in 2005; and PANAMA: Fraudulent Loans.

    Latin America Round-Up: October 31, 2004

    COSTA RICADisgraceThe head of the Organization of American States, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, was detained and put under house arrest following his resignation just two weeks after starting the job on October 15th. He has been accused of taking a bribe

    Latin America Round-Up: September 30, 2004

    CHILETracing the General's secret money The Chilean authorities assigned a special Judge, Sergio Muñoz, to investigate the alleged illegal money linked to former dictator Augusto Pinochet. Judge Muñoz has taken control of $6 million that was held in trusteeship in

    Latin America Round-Up: August 31, 2004

    CHILE: The General's Mysterious Fortune; ECUADOR: Supervising the Bank Trials; EL SALVADOR: The Money Ended Up in the Bankers' Hands; GUATEMALA: Portillo Finds a Job in Mexico; and PARAGUAY: The Paraguayan Quagmire.

    Latin America Round-Up: July 31, 2004

    CENTRAL AMERICA: Gang on Trial; CHILE: Riggs Case Prompts an Investigation; COSTA RICA: Bank Busted; ECUADOR: Filanbanco's Twisted Trail; GUATEMALA: Portillo's Associate on the Line; and MEXICO: Construction Blues.

    Latin America Round-Up: June 30, 2004

    ECUADOR: All Against Corruption?; INTERNATIONAL: The Riggs Bank Scandal; PARAGUAY: The return of the President; A 'No Trial' for Banco Oriental; and PERU: Something is Brewing; Americans Banned from AeroContinente.