Banco Uno SA

Guatemala: Byron Sanchez et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in Guatemala into Byron Rodlfo Sanchez Corzo, Secretary of the President of the Guatemalan Congress; Jose Benvenuto Conde Fernandez, Financial Director of the Guatemalan Congress; and Raul Alfonso Giron Galvez, General Manager of Mercado de Futuros SA, for alleged corruption and money laundering.

US court issues $1.1 m forfeiture order against Panamanian bank account

A court has issued an order allowing the United States Government to seize up to $1.1 million in a Panamanian bank account that is believed to be the proceeds of insider trading by Panama residents. The target is an account at Banco Uno S. A., in Panama City, Panama, in the name of "Yan Abecassis and/or Atlantic 1 Corp., and all related funds".