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Diversified Real Estate Development Ltd. et al v. Deutsche Bank AG et al: Complaint

Complaint on behalf of entities in Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands "to recover damages from Defendants for their participation in a global fraud that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of investor losses, looting of the Companies on a massive scale, and the creation of staggering liabilities for the Companies" in Michael Pearson, Andrew Childe, and Anna Silver, as Joint Official Liquidators of Diversified Real Estate Development Ltd. (in Official Liquidation), GMS Global Market Step Up Note Ltd. (in Official Liquidation), Preferred Income Collateralized Interest Ltd. (in Official Liquidation), Sentinel Investment Fund SPC (in Official Liquidation), SG Strategic Income Ltd. (in Official Liquidation), Sports Aficionados Ltd. (in Official Liquidation), Vanguardia Group Inc. (in Official Liquidation), and Michael Pearson, as Liquidator of Sentinel Mandate and Escrow Ltd. (in Liquidation), Vanguardia Holdings Ltd. (in Liquidation), Spyglass Investment Management Ltd. (in Liquidation), North Pointe Holdings (BVI) Ltd. (in Liquidation), Biscayne Capital Holdings Limited (in Creditor Voluntary Liquidation), and Biscayne Capital (B.V.I.) Ltd. (in Liquidation) v. Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bank AG (London Branch), Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., Deutsche Bank AG (New York Branch), Deutsche Bank Switzerland, Deutsche Bank Trust Companies Americas at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Michael Pearson et al v. Ernesto Weisson et al: Complaint

Complaint alleging "a scheme to loot the accounts of investors in the Biscayne Capital group of companies, by stuffing these accounts with purported investments in various structured note offerings made by the Note Issuers" involving entities in Argentina, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela in Michael Pearson, Stephen Briscoe, Andrew Childe, and Anna Silver, solely in their capacities as joint official liquidators and foreign representatives, Preferred Income Collateralized Interest Ltd., Diversified Real Estate Development Ltd. (f.k,a. ORC Senior Secured Limited), GMS Global Market Step Up Note Ltd., SG Strategic Income Ltd., Sentinel Investment Fund SPC, and Biscayne Capital Holdings Ltd., Biscayne Capital (BVI) Ltd., Sentinel Mandate & Escrow Ltd., and Vanguardia Group, Inc. v. Ernesto Weisson, Weisson Holding, LLC, Inmobilaria del Norte INORSA LLC, Empacadora Grupo Granmar SA, CVNet Distribution LLC, Latitude Foods and Bakery, LLC, Tucson Securities, Corp., Fernando Haberer, Gliker Trading Ltd., Dario Epstein, WinWer S.A., Domingo L. Bustillos, Galileoenergy S.A., Nicolas Barcia, Atanasio Mattheou, Yiwu Passion Import and Export, EGL Income Properties LLC, Diego Mussio, Ernesto Liurner, Miguel Verdias, Christoph Schaer, Arca International Bank, Inc., Jorge Chacin Landaeta, Marco Eduardo Vanzini, Afa Legal Resources (Cayman) Ltd., Cono Sur Logistics Corp., Catalina Guevara, EPC Multi Family Partners, Joyas Le Yaku, C.A., Solu Capital LLC, Havan Chang Holdings Limited, Promotora HTO C.A., Properties Investment Fund III, Servicios Petroleros, Select Industries PLC, Mercedes Cepeda Rivera, Marcelo Jorcin, Forum Globe LLC, Fresh Organics LLC, Yellow Stone Park Ltd., Patricia Aviles, ACA Ventures Ltd., John Doe 1, Importaciones y Servicios Ruso, Silmar C.A., Pablo Perrotta, Falcon Group Asset Management, Goban Trading Inc., Aceros y Metales Dos Mil, S.A., Alvaro Muscio, Globaldeg Logistic LLC, Voitto Corp., John Doe 2, Gevabra S.A., Agricola Nuova Terra Guatemala, S.A., Kingdom Trust Company, Columbus Exploration Corporation, Global Retail Information Ltd., Galier Partners, Atlantic Sky Consulting Group Ltd., John Doe 3, John Doe 4, Societe Generale R&S Business Center S.A., Atis Strategic, Federico Gil, Autogil Puerto Ordaz C.A., Juan Xavier Ribas, Avior Airlines CA, Sidor C.A., Diego Young, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG, Faroy S.A., Pritt Investments Co., AD Markets Ltd., Agropecuaria Sanfiz C.A., Full Piscinas Corp., Gems Limited, J.I.K. S.A., John Doe 5, Pixelart Cocinas, C.A., Fredy Roberto Sandoval Cerda, Wendy Maria Vera, Advanced Fund Administration, Pablo Costabile, Edificio Mendoza LLC, Cauchos Del Sur, C.A., Asia Latina Trading Co., Ltd., Girbra S.A., Dilo Administracao de Bens Proprios Ltda., Emporio Group Entertainment, and Arkdale Investments Limited at the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Biscayne Capital Holdings Ltd. et al: Chapter 15 Petition

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of Foreign Main Proceedings in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands by Hadley Chilton, Michael Pearson, and Stephen Briscoe, as Foreign Representatives of North Pointe Holdings (BVI) Ltd., Biscayne Capital (BVI) Ltd., Vanguardia Holdings Ltd., Spyglass Investment Management Ltd., Vanguardia Group Inc., Sports Aficionados Ltd., SG Strategic Income Ltd., GMS Global Market Step Up Note Ltd., Diversified Real Estate Development Ltd., Preferred Income Collateralized Interest Ltd., Sentinel Investment Fund SPC, and Biscayne Capital Holdings Limited, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.