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    DataLink, Ltd. v. Utility, Regulation Competition Office: Judicial Review

    Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review in DataLink, Ltd. v. Utility, Regulation Competition Office at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. Interested Parties: Infinity Broadband Ltd., trading as C3; WesTel Ltd., trading as Logic; and Cable and Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd., trading as Flow.

    Letter from Bermuda: Bermuda’s chronic Internet & email problems

    In the last week of July, users of Bermuda's second-largest Internet services provider (ISP), North Rock, had all their outgoing e-mails delivered to the trash, instead of the intended recipients. The senders were not told this had happened until a local newspaper forced North Rock's hand. They had not been told on the “many” previous occasions that their e-mails had been lost.

    Insider Talking: July 5, 2005

    United States-based, British national Nigel Scott Grant has reared his head again, a few years after OffshoreAlert exposed his involvement in sham offshore credit unions, at least one of which was used to commit investment fraud; The U. S. District Court for the Central District of California has granted summary judgment in favor of the SEC and against a publicly-traded firm that was closely associated with a closed-end investment fund that was once listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange; A Commission of Inquiry, which some people believe is a sham, has begun in Grenada regarding a bribery allegation against Keith Mitchell; Still in Grenada, telecommunications firm Cable & Wireless recently settled a libel action brought by sue-happy Keith Mitchell for allowing derogatory messages about him concerning the alleged Resteiner cash bribe to be posted on a web-site it hosted, reported the Associated Press on April 26, 2005; Bruce Cowen is sentenced to prison for his involvement in the fraudulently-operated Lancer Offshore group of hedge funds; The Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission issues warnings against several businesses; and The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission have entered into an Undertaking on Exchange of Information in Securities Matters.

    Letter from Bermuda: Milking Bermuda’s Internet users

    The internet has proved to be enormously popular in Bermuda, with the island recording one of the highest take-up rates in the world. One reason for that is the large number of international companies we have. With the internet a standard feature on the modern office desk, people here quickly became used to the idea and extended their connectivity to their homes. Another reason is that we are 800 miles from anywhere. Any kind of connection to the world is welcome. With the Atlantic Ocean between the 60,000 of us and anyone else, we are desperate for contact. For instance, we gladly pay more than $100 a month for intermittent cable television.

    On Her Majesty’s Not So Secret Service

    Cayman's much-vaunted reputation for bank secrecy is in tatters after revelations that the island's senior anti-money laundering officer has been selling secrets to British intelligence since 1990. While Cayman was being promoted as a financial center where it was a criminal offense to reveal confidential information, Brian Gibbs was passing on virtually everything that came across his desk.