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Aruba: Pursi Tjew San Jie-A-Swie et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Aruba - for a criminal investigation into Pursi Tjew San Jie-A-Swie, Farley Hon Ping Jie-A-Swie, Gerrit de Rouw, Hon Wo Choy, Kong Hing Supermarket NV, Kong Hing Supercenter NV and Kong Hing Freezone NV for suspected money laundering.

Lawsuits filed against Fortis Fund Services

Two lawsuits have been filed at Bahamas Supreme Court following the collapse of the Bahamas-registered Oracle Fund, with the loss of more than $100 million. Plaintiffs in one lawsuit are HSBC Bank Middle East, HSBC Investment Bank PLC, HSBC Private Banking Nominees 1 Jersey Ltd, Hunter Douglas Holdings Limited, Lazamar Foundation,  Montsol Investments Inc.