Carey Olsen

Seabras 1 USA LLC et al v. Seabras Group LLC et al: Complaint

Complaint in Seabras 1 USA LLC, of Delaware, and Seabras 1 Bermuda Ltd., of Bermuda v. Seabras Group LLC, Partners Group Seabras, LLC, and Partners Group Seabras Holding, LLC, all of Delaware, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

Zhaopin Limited: Petition

Petition In the Matter of Zhaopin Limited at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Guernsey FSC v. Lancelot Management Ltd. et al: Paul Yabsley Affidavit

Affidavit by Paul Yabsley, Senior Analyst in the Enforcement Division of The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, in The Guernsey Financial Services Commission v. Lancelot Management Limited, The Global Mutual Fund PCC Limited, The Universal Mutual Fund ICC Limited, The Worldwide Mutual Fund PCC Limited, and The Trinity Global Fund at The Royal Court of Guernsey.

EXPOSED: Belvedere Management’s massive criminal enterprise

Offshore fund group Belvedere Management, which claims to have $16 billion of assets under administration, management and advisory, appears to be one of the biggest criminal financial enterprises in history, headed by David Cosgrove, Cobus Kellermann and Kenneth Maillard, OffshoreAlert can reveal.

CISE suspends Argentum Capital after OffshoreAlert exposes Ponzi scheme

The Channel Islands Securities Exchange yesterday suspended the listing of London-based Argentum Capital Ltd. - three days after OffshoreAlert exposed the litigation fund as part of a £90 m Ponzi scheme headed by Briton Brendan Terrill, who operates Cayman-domiciled Centaur Litigation and Hong Kong-domiciled Buttonwood Legal Capital.