CDA Systems

Xebec Adsorption Inc. et al: Chapter 15 Petition (Canada)

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in Québec, Canada by Nathalie Théberge, as the Foreign Representative of Xebec Holding USA Inc., Xebec Adsorption Inc., Xebec RNG Holdings Inc., Applied Compression Systems Ltd., Compressed Air International Inc., Enerphase Industrial Solutions Inc., CDA Systems LLC, Xebec Adsorption USA Inc., The Titus Company, Nortekbelair Corporation, XBC Flow Services - Wisconsin Inc., California Compression LLC, and Xebec Systems USA LLC, which collectively "primarily supply a wide range of renewable and low-emission gas products and services globally through several channels, including direct sales, channel partners, project developers, and e-commerce", filed at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.