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Fairfield Sentry Ltd. v. HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited et al: Complaint

Complaint in Fairfield Sentry Limited (in liquidation) and Kenneth Krys v. Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited, HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, formerly known as The Bank of Bermuda Limited, and Beneficial Owners of Accounts held in the names of Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited 1-1000, filed at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

Kenneth Krys et al v. Thomas Hackl: Default Judgment

Default Judgment against Thomas Hackl in Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride, as Joint Official Liquidators of SphinX Ltd. et al, v. Thomas Hackl at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York - March 8, 2012

SEGOES creditors will receive nothing, say liquidators

The liquidators of Cayman Islands based investment firm SEGOES Services Ltd., whose admitted claims are US$9.8 million, have told creditors they will receive no pay out.As the liquidation draws to a close, there are nowhere enough assets to cover the

Insider Talking: September 10, 2007

A jury in Texas has awarded 41 investors clients damages of $8.8 million, plus annual interest of 8.25% backdated to December 12, 2002, against Atlas Financial Group Ltd. and Atlas Private Trust Ltd., which collapsed in the Turks and Caicos

GIAMO Fund Ltd.

Public Notice by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority announcing the liquidation of GIAMO Fund Ltd.

Insider Talking: July 12, 2007

James Fontanetta, a former director of Cayman Islands-based SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd., has been so helpful to the company's liquidators that they have agreed to apply to set aside a default judgment that they obtained against him at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands; and Regulatory warnings around the world.

Ex-SEGOES director James Fontanetta settles with liquidators

A former director of a fraudulently operated, offshore stock broker has agreed to pay US$74,000 - purportedly 75% of his total assets - to settle a civil complaint brought by the firm's liquidators.As part of his settlement agreement, James Fontanetta

PFA Assurance Group, Ltd.

Public Notice by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority announcing the liquidation of PFA Assurance Group, Ltd.

SEGOES liquidators run up $1.49 m deficit in first 8 months

The liquidators of fraudulently-operated offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. ran up a $1.49 million deficit during their first eight months in charge of the company.That was the figure that leapt out of the Third Interim Report to Customers and Creditors, dated January 27, 2006, by liquidators Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride.

Insider Talking: January 4, 2006

OffshoreAlert has previously reported about the long-running battle between Taiwan and China for influence in the Caribbean in which impoverished countries receive sizeable financial assistance in return for officially recognizing - or refusing to recognize - Taiwan as a country, depending on who is offering the most attractive deal; The Central Bank of Belize issued a warning about United eXchange International Bank on December 1, 2005; Richard Fogerty and James Cleaver, as joint official liquidators of Bancredit Cayman Limited (in liquidation), have filed two civil lawsuits in the United States in an attempt to collect $2.34 million of allegedly unpaid loans that were issued to customers of the banks; Why did First International Bank of Grenada founder Gilbert Allen Ziegler change his name to Van Arthur Brink in June, 1998?[ Florida-based attorney Nigel Scott Grant and his son, Nicolas E. Grant-St. James, who previously established and, in at least one instance, operated sham credit unions in St. Kitts & Nevis, are back in business together, this time onshore; and Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride, of RSM Cayman Islands, were appointed as Joint Provisional Liquidators of PFA Assurance Group, Ltd. on September 19, 2005 following an investigation by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

SEGOES liquidators seek stay of Florida lawsuit

The liquidators of an offshore broker have applied to stay a civil lawsuit that has been filed in the United States against the firm's former President.A hearing on the motion by the liquidators of Cayman Islands-based SEGOES Services Ltd. has been scheduled for December 8, 2005 at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

SEGOES Services Ltd. (in Official Liquidation)

Press Release by RSM Cayman Islands - distributed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority - regarding the liquidation of SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd.

SEGOES owner tried to breach asset freeze, say liquidators

The owner of a failed offshore securities broker that apparently defrauded clients out of millions of dollars has attempted to breach an asset freeze order, it has been claimed.Details of the allegation against John Kaweske Jr. are contained in the first interim report of the joint official liquidators of SEGOES Services Ltd. to customers and creditors, which is dated July 7, 2005 but only publicly released on August 3.

SEGOES insolvency may exceed US$15 m

The amount of client funds misappropriated from offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. may exceed US$15 million, according to the first interim report to creditors. That is how much was transferred from a group account "to a beneficiary as yet unidentified" on November 17, 2004, stated Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride, whose status changed from joint provisional liquidators to joint liquidators on May 20 after it was determined the SEGOES group could not continue as a going concern and should be wound-up.

SEGOES Services Ltd.

Notice by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority that SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd., has gone into liquidation.

SEGOES goes into provisional liquidation amid allegations of fraud

Offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. has gone out of business amid a police investigation in Cayman and concerns that clients have been defrauded of millions of dollars.The firm, formerly known as SEGOES Securities Ltd., went into provisional liquidation by order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on April 29 following a petition the same day by two clients in British Columbia, Canada with a claim totaling US$400,000.

FSC Asian Millennium Ltd. et al

Public Announcement about FSC Asian Millennium Ltd., FCS Thailand Fund Ltd. and Waidberg Millennium Fund Ltd. by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission.