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Keith King firm fails in attempt to have former client jailed

A defunct company controlled by British businessman Keith Leslie King has failed in an attempt to have a former client imprisoned in the Isle of Man. City & International Securities Ltd. had petitioned the High Court of Justice to hold

Keith King panned in Isle of Man judgment

A now defunct Isle of Man stockbroking company controlled by offshore businessman Keith King has lost a second civil lawsuit brought by a former client. Defendant City & International Securities was found to have illegally transferred GBP200,000 out of the account of The Mannin Foundation, of Liechtenstein, to fund a new stockbroking firm that collapsed within 12 months and was compulsorily wound up by the Isle of Man High Court.

Resumption of Isle of Man trial involving Keith King company

A civil trial in the Isle of Man involving a company controlled by Keith King, the founding boss of the First Nevisian group in Nevis, was due to resume on May 30.The trial, which was adjourned earlier in the year, concerns a claim for GBP200,000 (approximately US$300,000) made against King's firm City & International Securities by former clients Virginia Anne Callow and Dr. Herbert Batliner, as Trustees of The Mannin Foundation.

Insider Talking: January 31, 2000

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Keith King in legal setback in the Isle of Man

Keith King, the head of the Nevis-based First Nevisian corporate services/stockbroking group, has suffered a setback in his latest court battle in the Isle of Man with a former client, Virginia Anne Callow. King's inactive Isle of Man company, City & International Securities, is suing Callow for US$39,717 and £13,409 (approx. US$21,695), claiming the amounts are debit balances on personal trading accounts.

Details of allegations against Keith King in South Africa

Further information came OffshoreAlert's way recently about the nature of the allegations that led to the South African authorities issuing an arrest warrant against Keith Leslie King, the senior principal of First Nevisian, a Nevis-based stockbroking/corporate services group.We have obtained a document that originated from the Director of the Office for Serious Economic Offences in Pretoria dated May 15, 1996 that states: "This office is presently conducting an investigation into alleged fraudulent transactions in South African gilts (government and municipal stocks). The alleged falsification of stock certificates is an important element of the investigation.

Arrest warrant out for First Nevisian principal Keith King

Readers who are considering doing business with the First Nevisian stock-broking and corporate services group in Nevis might like to know there is a warrant out in South Africa for the arrest of its key principal, Keith Leslie King. They may also be interested to learn that he set up a firm in Nevis after being kicked out of the Isle of Man, where his company, City & International Securities, also recently lost a £45,000 ($72,000) lawsuit brought by a former client. A second lawsuit against City & International Securities and King personally is due to be tried soon in the Isle of Man.

Keith King: ‘Not Fit and Proper’

Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission vs. Keith Leslie King - Notice of Direction - Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission - December 5, 1995