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JP SPC 1 and JP SPC 4: Order Approving Litigation Settlement

Order Approving Settlement with Timothy Schools, Dale Stephenson, Noble Finance Limited, Sadira Limited, Loret Investments Limited, Claire Schools, Solis International Foundation, Sophie Schools, Kellie Schools, Lisa Schools, Sara Stephenson, Kompali AG, Sarin International Foundation, Midus Assets LLC and Monty Holdings Limited In the Matter of JP SPC 1 and JP SPC 4, doing business as Axiom Legal Financing Fund, at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Axiom Legal Financing Fund v. Timothy Schools et al: Claire Schools Freezing Order

Worldwide Freezing Order against Claire Schools and Solis International Foundation in JP SPC 1 and JP SPC 4, d.b.a. Axiom Legal Financing Fund, of the Cayman Islands, v. Timothy Schools, Dale Stephenson, David Rae, Alec Linsley, David Kennedy, Rachel Hutson, Alan Hutson, Synergy IOM Limited, Synaxus Holdings Limited, Check Mate Audits Limited, Resolver Claims Management Limited, Hut Consulting Limited, First for Law Limited, Noble Finance Limited, Sadira Limited, and Loret Investments Limited at the London High Court.

Axiom fraud leaves offshore providers exposed to massive claims for damages

Offshore providers in the Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, and Switzerland face huge liabilities after allowing insiders to loot Axiom Legal Financing Fund of tens of millions of pounds. Those most at risk from being sued by Axiom's eventual liquidators appear to be DMS Group, JP Funds Group, BDO Cayman, and Ogier, all in the Cayman Islands; Turnstone Group, in the Isle of Man; and Portland Financial Management, of Switzerland.
Timothy Schools

More red flags regarding fast-growing Axiom Legal Financing Fund

As investors continue to pour millions of pounds each month into Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, OffshoreAlert has uncovered more red flags, including conflicting financial statements, £7.9 million loaned to a debt-ridden law firm owned by Axiom's principal, and insurance provided by an unregulated, unaudited firm that is currently defending a fraud lawsuit brought by one of its clients.
Timothy Schools

Head of Cayman fund group Tim Schools accused of professional misconduct in UK

The head of a Cayman Islands fund group that claims to manage $160 million, promotes its investments as "low risk" and boasts of "consistent" 12% net annual returns for investors is being prosecuted for alleged professional misconduct in the United Kingdom. British attorney Tim Schools faces 11 allegations, including that he "failed to act with integrity" and "failed to act in the best interests of his clients".

Timothy & Claire Schools: Wedding Video

PLAYING THE BIG MAN (WITH VICTIMS' MONEY): This video, taken on March 19th, 2011, shows British lawyer and former policeman Timothy Schools entertaining his family, friends, and associates to champagne and fine-dining at a luxury ski hotel in the French Alps that he co-owned - all bought and paid for with some of the tens of millions of dollars that he swindled from investors in Axiom Legal Financing Fund, a litigation funding-based investment scam he started two years earlier. The occasion was Schools' 50th birthday and his marriage to Claire Schools, who was also involved with Axiom. Several other participants in the scam were in attendance, including Richard Emmett, Dale Stephenson, and Alan Hutson.