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    China Medical Technologies Inc. et al v. Xiaodong Wu et al: Writ of Summons

    Writ of Summons in China Medical Technologies Inc. (in Official Liquidation), CMed Technologies Ltd. and Kenneth Krys and Cosimo Borrelli, as Joint Official Liquidators of China Medical Technologies, Inc., v. Xiaodong Wu, Samson Tsang Tak Yung, Chen Zhong, Charles Feng Zhu, Hip Wing Chong, Allan Xiaoqing Hao, Supreme Well Investments Limited, East Hope International Limited, Cheer Link International Limited, Innovative Technology Investment Limited, Dynamic Sense Limited, Time Region Holdings Limited, Xiaoqiong Bi, Worldpro Investments Limited, Long Chart Investments Limited, Chavis Investments Limited, Sinowell International Investment Limited, Chengxuan International Ltd., Weixiao Medical Technology Limited, Trinity Link Enterprises (H.K.) Company Limited, WB International Holding Pte. Ltd., Max Prosper Enterprises Limited, Jun Yun Bi, and Iain Ferguson Bruce at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

    Artemis Trustees Limited et al v. KBC Partners LP et al: Fixed Date Claim Form

    Fixed Date Claim Form in Artemis Trustees Limited, as Trustees of The New Horizon Trust, The Gatito Ventures Trust, The Bailey Tree Trust, and The Arcturus Trust; Vladimir Ashurov, and Milica Rakovic v. KBC Partners LP, SCI Partners LP, Salford Capital Partners Inc., Eugene Jaffe, and Giorgi Bedineishvili at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

    Aikate Properties Inc.: Beneficial Ownership

    Letter from Andrew Moray Stuart, Director of Aikate Properties Inc., stating that Russian national Vladlen Stepanov is the beneficial owner of Aikate Properties Inc.