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Jailed penny stock fraudster secretly behind Costa Rica-based Reg-S exchange

A notorious penny stock swindler currently in prison for fraud is secretly behind a Costa Rica-based Internet 'stock exchange', OffshoreAlert can disclose. Harold Bailey Gallison Jr., a 47-year-old U. S. national, controls the Global Internet Stock Brokerage Exchange, trading as GISBeX, through nominees, including his 74-year-old mother.

Principal of Cayman hedge fund once penalized by US securities regulator

The head of a group that established a Cayman Islands hedge fund last year was once disciplined for a securities violation in the United States, OffshoreAlert can disclose. Mark Antony Angelo, 32, President of New Jersey-based Cornell Capital Partners, was fined $500 by the Maine Securities Division in 1999 for failing to disclose the existence of seven consumer complaints against him when he was a licensed sales representative. The nature of the complaints is not public knowledge.