USA v. 14.77997889 Ethereum: Forfeiture Complaint (‘Crypto Fraud Involving Efeoghene Oboghenemiepha’)

Forfeiture Complaint regarding the proceeds of an alleged crypto fraud in USA v. 14.77997889 Ethereum seized from an account at Binance crypto exchange in the name of Efeoghene Greatnes Oboghenemiepha, described as the holder of a Nigerian driver's license who appears to operate from Nigeria and South Africa, filed at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.
RiotX investment scam

U.S. seeks forfeiture of crypto from ‘$2M Asian ‘Pig Butchering’ RiotX scam’

The U.S. has filed a forfeiture complaint against crypto that allegedly came from a $2 million investment fraud committed by three citizens or residents of Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Singapore - Wing San Tse, Zin Ko Oo, and Shen Chee Kok - against a financial advisor in California and his family via an allegedly fraudulent investment platform called RiotX using an "emerging fraud" technique known as "Pig Butchering".

USA v. 503,349.86 Tether et al: Forfeiture Complaint (‘$2M RiotX Crypto Investment Fraud’)

Forfeiture Complaint regarding "the theft of more than $2 million in cryptocurrency by Zin Ko Oo [a 30-year-old citizen of Myanmar], Wing San Tse [a 33-year-old resident of Hong Kong], Shen Chee Kok [a 34-year-old citizen of Singapore], and potentially others through a wire fraud scheme affecting multiple victims" in USA v. Approximately 503,349.86 Tether, 1,379,999 Cardano, and 163,118 Binance USD formerly held in accounts at cryptocurrency exchange Binance at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.