Damien Rios

Thomas Doctoroff v. Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. et al: Ruling

Ruling denying summary judgment against Crown Global Life Insurance and granting summary judgment for $1.7 million against the other defendants regarding investments in the Mauritius-based Belvedere Management Group in Thomas Doctoroff, of New York, USA v. Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd., of Bermuda; Paul Gambles, of Thailand; MBMG Investment Advisory Company Ltd., of Thailand; MBMG Group Singapore Pte, of Singapore; MBMG International Custodians Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; MBMG Asset Management Limited, of Mauritius, and Garmor Asset Management Ltd., of Mauritius, at Bermuda Supreme Court.

Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. et al: $400K Fine

Press Release by the Bermuda Monetary Authority announcing that it has imposed a fine of $400,000 on Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. and Crown Global Life Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd. for regulatory breaches. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert in the "Directors Register" maintained by the Government of Bermuda showed that Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. and Crown Global Life Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd. have the same directors: Terria Ladawn Godwin, of the Cayman Islands; Carol Feathers, of Bermuda; Christopher John Calise, of Miami Beach, Florida, USA, and Perry A. Lerner, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. On the Crown Global group's website at crownglobalinsurance.com, it is stated that "Crown Global empowers high net worth individuals, institutions and investment fund managers with products and services to enhance their investments", its "Executive Leadership Team" comprises Perry Lerner, "Chairman & CEO"; Christopher Calise, "President & CFO"; Damien Rios, "Senior Vice President & General Counsel"; Riccardo Gambineri, "Senior Vice President"; Thomas Berry, "Chief Actuary"; Terria Godwin, "Vice President, Finance & Administration", and Suzanne Reynolds, "Assistant Vice President, Finance & Administration", and it has offices in Delaware, Miami Beach, Zurich, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands.