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Pioneer Recovery Fund LP et al v. Amanda Wilson et al: Discovery Application

Application by Pioneer Recovery Fund LP and Champlain Investment Holdings Ltd., both of the Cayman Islands, to take discovery from Amanda Wilson, Pedro Santiago, Astrid Pillay, and Charles Holzer regarding "a series of purported frauds perpetrated by the late Mr. Lance Valdez and subsequent directors and officers of the Fund [Pioneer Recovery Fund], who used the Fund as the instrument of a fraud perpetrated against the Fund's founder, Vermeer Investments Limited" for use in legal proceedings in the Bahamas against Subacu Investment Partners LP, of the Bahamas; Beecham Ltd., of the Bahamas; Crescent Advisers Ltd., of the Cayman Islands; Pioneer Investment Management Ltd., of the Bahamas; Universal Corporate Limited, of Ireland; Jason Sweeney, Dasha Valdez, nee Dasha Pastoukhova, a resident of the Bahamas; London Capital Holdings Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; PCH Ltd., of the Bahamas; Subacu Holdings Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; Guam Investment Services, of the British Virgin Islands; 10 East 63rd Street Inc., of New York, and Amanda Wilson, of New York, filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Leadenhall Bank’s insolvency estimated at $11.3 m

Bahamas-based Leadenhall Bank & Trust Ltd., which was closed down by regulators seven months ago, may be insolvent by more than $11 million. That was the glum news for creditors in the first report of liquidator Craig A. (Tony) Gomez on December 9, 2005. On paper, the bank had shareholders' equity of $1.6 million as of October 3, 2005, with assets of $29,864,139, including $20.4 million in cash, and liabilities of $28,235,807. “However my review has revealed that the balance sheet includes loans and past due credit card receivables totaling $6.6 and $6.3 million, respectively, and that both balances are either unsecured or inadequately collateralized,” stated Gomez in his report.

Regulator suspends Leadenhall Bank license

Leadenhall Bank & Trust Company Limited has had its bank and trust license suspended by the Central Bank of the Bahamas and gone into Receivership.The Central Bank did not go into details about the reasons for its actions in a public announcement yesterday but stated the measures were intended "to protect the interests of depositors".

US taxpayer decides to co-operate following contempt order

Six weeks after being hit with a $5,000 per day fine for contempt of court, suspected tax-dodger John Eulich has done a U-turn and turned over records of his Bahamas trust to the IRS.And he is attempting to obtain further records from several Isle of Man-registered entities he is believed to be associated with so that he can also turn them over to the tax agency.

US taxpayer fined $5,000 per day for non-production of offshore trust records

A United States court has imposed a $5,000 fine on a taxpayer for every day that he fails to turn over records of his Bahamas trust to the IRS.If John F. Eulich, of Dallas, Texas, has not produced them by September 15, 2004 - 30 days after the start of the penalties - the fine will be increased to $10,000 per day.