David Saul

David Saul quits as Bermuda’s premier

Bermuda was in shock last week following the sudden resignation of David Saul as Premier after just 19 months in office.Saul caught everyone by surprise by giving only a week's notice that he was stepping down as leader and announcing that he was also quitting as an MP a few days after that.His resignation has caused concern among international businessmen, who fear a leadership battle could affect the economy.

Bermuda expects international business boost after David Saul becomes premier

Bermuda's $29 billion-capitalized international business sector looks set for a renewed boom following the emphatic rejection of independence last month and the appointment of a new, business-oriented premier, David Saul.There are already signs that investors in insurance and other areas who had held off until after the referendum result was known are now going ahead with their plans to form on the island.