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Russia seeks evidence in Delaware for investigation into tax fraud

Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged tax fraud - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Russia - that was filed at the federal court in the USA on May 9, 2006. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Decor Trade Ltd., West Valley Technology LLC, Alvers-Trade LLC, Solis-Trade LLC, Zavod Stella LLC, Zavod Stella JSC Production Association, Steltron LLC, Ecomet Company LLC, Travel Servis LLC, Edict Closed JSC, Diatens LLC, Dalmet LLC, Privatservis, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, and Lateko Bank.

Russia: Decor Trade Ltd.

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in Russia into Decor Trade Ltd. for suspected involvement in tax fraud.