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    Lincoln International LLC v. Kent Swig et al: Summons with Notice (‘$342K Unpaid Rent’)

    Summons with Notice for $342,275 in allegedly unpaid rent in Lincoln International LLC v. Helmsley Spear LLC, Falcon Pacific Construction/Builders LLC, Swig Equities LLC, Kent M. Swig, and Dignity Holdings LLC, the latter two of which are involved in a crypto-based investment scheme known as Dignity Gold, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.

    Troy Hogg v. Stephen Braverman et al: Complaint (‘Crypto Fraud’)

    Complaint "to recover for tens of millions of dollars and/or equitable relief for a series of transactions by which defendants mulcted tens of millions of dollars from plaintiff" regarding a cryptocurrency scheme involving entities in Bermuda, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and USA in Troy James Hogg, of Canada; Leila Holdings Ltd., which is identified as a Canadian company in the complaint even though it appears to be domiciled in Bermuda, derivatively and on behalf of Arbitrade Ltd., of Bermuda v. Stephen Lance Braverman, described as a resident of California; Kent Mason Swig, of New York; Dignity Holdings LLC, of Delaware; Dignity Mining Group LLC, of Delaware; Dignity Gold LLC, of Delaware; Charles Hamlin Woodworth, of New Jersey; Max Warren Barber, of Utah; William Richard Sanders, of Tennessee; Scotia International of Nevada Inc., of Utah; SION Trading FZE, of the United Arab Emirates; Prieur Leary, of Florida; CoinMint LLC, of Puerto Rico, and Hayden Gill, of Montana, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.

    Dignity Corp. v. CryptoDadi et al: Complaint

    Complaint alleging "fraudulent and harassing behavior" in Dignity Corp., described as a Delaware-domiciled, New York-based company whose principals are Stephen Braverman and Kent Swig v. Does, including those using "the Twitter handles @CryptoDadi_, @StillNoGold, @MrSmileyBrave, @BravermanSteve, @CryptoShadyyy, @ConmanSteve, @SteveBrave3l_, @SteveBraverman, @CapRforSimon, @DnbDig, @TroyJamesh0gg, @McNicholas, @Maarten89NL, @Maarten_Marteen, @DBokhem, @mostwnted1, and @PRNewswire_" and "the fake names "Soren Christiansen" and "Simon Hoedemaker" on Telegram", at the U. S. District Court for the Central District of California.
    Max Warren Barber

    Judgment for $427K against firms involved in Bermuda/US crypto scam

    A judgment for $427,552 has been entered against UAE-domiciled SION Trading and Utah-based Scotia International of Nevada for non-payment of gold and silver that was used for a cryptocurrency scam that began in Canada, moved to Bermuda, and is currently being conducted by firms in Delaware.