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Latin America Round-Up: November 10, 2008

ARGENTINA Menem on trialAlthough he did not show up at court, former Argentina president Carlos Menem began to be tried for his alleged involvement in smuggling arms to Ecuador and Croatia, the biggest corruption scandal during his years in office

Latin America Round-Up: July 5, 2005

ARGENTINA: Cavallo, Again; COLOMBIA: Money Laundering Increasing; Disarticulated Laundering Network; HONDURAS: Another Twist in Bancorp's Tale; LATIN AMERICA: Justice, Maybe; MEXICO: Free Salinas?; and PERU: Banco Wiese report.

Latin America Round-Up: June 5, 2005

ARGENTINA: When Disco's Owners Hide Behind Corporations; Secret Laws and the Ministers; CHILE: Chile Has More Secrets Than Anybody Else; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: "Plan Renove"; and MEXICO: Pemex Gets Fined, Unionists Don't; After moving slowly through the courts for four years, the "Pemexgate" case is almost over; E-banking Frauds on the Rise; and PERU: Wiese Controversy Continues.

Latin America Round Up: September 30, 2002

ARGENTINAMenem off the hook, for the moment Judge Julio Speroni concluded there is not enough evidence to indict former President Carlos Menem in the case of the illegal arms sale to Croatia and Ecuador. Judge Speroni added, though, that Menem

Latin America Round-Up: August 31, 2002

ARGENTINA: Menem in deeper trouble; Funny operations to save BISEL; Duhalde criticized; COLOMBIA: New President; LATIN AMERICA: Enron tentacles in Latin America; NICARAGUA: No visa; Alemán, formally accused; PARAGUAY: New financial scandal; and URUGUAY: Little Uruguay sneezes, Latin America is already sick.

Latin America Round-Up: April 30, 2002

ARGENTINA: Former minister Domingo Cavallo indicted, Argentinean justice investigates the "Banco Extrader" case; COLOMBIA: Most wanted thief, Wilson de Jesús Yepes Ardila, is arrested; COSTA RICA: Costa Rica elects Abel Pacheco as its new President; PANAMA: Panama becomes more transparent; Panama-based business operators Yardena Mizrahi Herbroni and her brother Eliahu Mizrahi convicted in New York; PERU: BBVA debacle has a Latin American connection; VENEZUELA: Chaos reigns.

Latin America Round-Up: December 31, 2001

ARGENTINA: Chaos in Argentina; EL SALVADOR: Degrees galore; GUATEMALA: New anti-laundering law in Guatemala; and MEXICO: Clean up operation in Mexico.

Latin America Round-Up: November 30, 2001

Investigator finds links among different cases of corruption in Argentina The head of an anti money laundering commission in Argentina, Legislator Elisa Carrió, has linked apparently unconnected cases of corruption that have occurred during the past 15 years in a