Eurofed Bank

USA v. Funds Associated With Pavlo Lazarenko: USA’s Motion For Summary Judgment

USA's Statement Of Material Facts As To Which There is No Genuine Dispute In Support Of Its Motion For Summary Judgment To Strike The Claim Of European Federal Credit Bank Limited (in liquidation) and the Answer of Liquidators of Eurofed Bank Limited (in liquidation) in USA v. Funds Associated With Pavlo Lazarenko at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Insider Talking: January 12, 2010

The Hedge Hog and Conserve Fund has become the latest example of the extraordinary reluctance of the Bermuda Monetary Authority to take any meaningful action against locally domiciled financial services firms that are suspected of illegal activity, no matter how

Ex-Ukraine PM/Offshore banker receives nine-year prison-term

More than two years after being found guilty of several corruption-related charges by a United States jury, former Ukraine Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko has been sentenced to nine years in prison. Lazarenko, 53, was also fined $10 million at his sentencing hearing at the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California on August 25, 2006. The sentencing proceedings are on-going, and the Court will address the restitution claims of victims and the United States' request for $22,846,000 in forfeiture at hearings on August 31, 2006 and September 29, 2006. 

USA v. Funds on Deposit at Bank Julius Baer & Co. et al: Complaint

Complaint in USA v. All Funds on Deposit at Bank Julius Baer & Company, Ltd., Credit Suisse (Guernsey) Limited, and Eurofed Bank Limited in the names of Pavlo Lazarenko, Pavel Lazarenko, Samante Limited, and Alexander Milchenko at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Pavlo Lazarenko released from prison pending trial

Former Ukraine Prime Minister Pavlo Ivanovich Lazarenko, who allegedly secretly controlled an offshore bank called Eurofed, has been released from prison in California. After more than two years in custody pending trial on 53 counts of money laundering, fraud and transportation of stolen property, Lazarenko was allowed out on "conditional release" in an order dated June 11, 2003 at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. 

Insider Talking: January 31, 2003

In all of the hullabaloo surrounding the collapse of the Euro Bank trial in Cayman after the judge determined that the island's senior anti-money laundering officer, Brian Gibbs, had lied and destroyed evidence, it was easy to overlook a snippet in Gibbs' November 26, 2002 witness statement about Johnny Johnson; An order for the extradition of offshore banker William Cooper from Antigua to face a money laundering indictment in the United States was thrown out by a judge in Antigua on January 13, 2003 because the application was made before an extradition treaty between the two countries was ratified and before money laundering was criminalized on the Caribbean island; Edouardos Stamatiou, whose Argentina-based firm Tucuman Land Holdings Ltd. received £151 million ($237 million) of the $345 million defrauded from clients of the Imperial Consolidated Group and won't give it back, is a former principal of The Cayman Financial Brokerage House, which … surprise, surprise … was forcibly closed down in October, 1999; Another post-Imperial Consolidated scam, known as Property International, is in financial trouble after not very long in business; And, to conclude our segment on Imperial Consolidated, we have been passed the name of yet another company which allegedly brokered client funds into the fraudulently-operated group - Lighthouse Strategies; Canadian national David Voth has been fined CDN$12,000 in Canada for failing to file tax returns; Bahamas-based Suisse Security Bank & Trust, which is in provisional liquidation, has asked a U. S. judge to order two parties who unsuccessfully sued the bank in New York to place $1.3 million into court to cover its legal fees and damages; Trading on the over-the-counter market of shares in a company that Bermuda-based Lines Overseas Management was helping to do a reverse take-over of has been temporarily suspended pending an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States; and Famed U. S. attorney Johnnie Cochrane may be helping to broker a settlement in the long-running battle for control of the assets of Eurofed Bank in Antigua.

Insider Talking: February 28, 2002

The scam committed by Morrison Cross Financial Investments, which fleeced investors while operating as a stock broker in Panama without a license, has entered a new phase; Justice Ephraim Georges, sitting in the Antigua High Court, has apparently recused himself from legal hearings relating to the liquidation of Eurofed Bank after an objection by attorneys acting for former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, who considered that the judge's partiality was compromised by his son being employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is liquidating the bank; On February 12, 2002, a Dallas County Grand Jury in Texas returned 24 indictments against Cameron O. Bailey relating to the sale of unregistered securities, namely Certificates of Deposit issued by Cambridge International Bank & Trust, of Grenada, and promissory notes issued by Omne Srl; As Julien Giraud waits in custody in Florida for the start of his trial on money laundering charges, his wife Lyn has been writing letters of outrage to the local press in their native Dominica, protesting at the arrest of her husband in Puerto Rico last November while he was traveling with Dominica's Finance Minister, Ambrose George; OffshoreAlert has previously reported on stock scams and other frauds perpetrated by firms linked with Bermuda Stock Exchange-listed Mezzanine Capital; and Complaints are starting to be made publicly by people who have either bought shares from, or have been approached about buying shares by, Goodman Hart Associates, Morgan Paris & Company and/or St. James & Company, who have been promoting two stocks particularly heavily: AdRentaCar Inc. and Spantel Communications Inc.

Antigua Government refutes claims about Eurofed Bank liquidation

Last month's lead article about the fight for the assets of Eurofed Bank prompted a representative of the Antigua government to send a letter of complaint to OffshoreAlert.Wrenford Ferrance, Antigua's Director of the Office of National Drug Control and Money Laundering Policy, has denied that the liquidation of Eurofed is being carried out in secret, as we have been told.

Antigua Gov’t tries to seize Eurofed Bank assets

In secret court hearings held in Antigua, the island's government has been trying to seize all or most of the $76 million of assets recovered so far in the liquidation of Eurofed Bank Ltd., we can reveal.The government is claiming the assets under its anti-money laundering laws on the grounds that they are the proceeds of criminal activity by former Ukraine Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, 48.

Suisse Security Bank & Trust accepts fraudulent client

Bahamas-based Suisse Security Bank & Trust has replaced Eurofed Bank, of Antigua, as the banker for the fraudulently run Accord Insurance group, we have been told.SSBT's decision to provide banking services to Accord, which claims to offer its clients "guaranteed" interest of up to 50 per cent per month, raises serious concerns about its due diligence procedures.

Insider Talking: December 31, 1999

The names of the new shareholders in the Bahamas International Securities Exchange are expected to be announced in January. A list of all 45 companies that submitted subscription applications for the recent $5 million private placement has been submitted for

Eurofed Bank goes from receivership to liquidation

Eurofed Bank, which went into receivership in November, has now gone into liquidation. The bank went into liquidation by order of the High Court of Justice of Antigua and Barbuda on December 3, 1999.

Eurofed Bank goes into receivership

Antigua-registered Eurofed Bank Ltd. has been placed into receivership by the island's regulators over its suspected involvement in money laundering. Eurofed, which also has a banking license in Grenada, went into receivership on or around November 15 after being implicated in a scandal involving Pavlo Lazarenko, a former Prime Minister of the Ukraine.

Regulators refuse license application by Accord Insurance

Regulators in Antigua have turned down an application for an insurance license by Accord Insurance, which sells dubious investment products to the public. Despite the rejection, Accord is continuing to operate from the island, where it maintains an office on the Third Floor of the Bancorp Building, High Street, St. John's.

Eurofed’s name taken off Canadian regulator’s warning list

Antigua-licensed Eurofed Bank has been taken off a Warning Circular issued on April 15, 1999 by the Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. The list contains the names of 227 entities against which the OFSI has had "some form of inquiry or complaint" and which may be operating illegally in Canada.