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Ex-Evergreen Security insiders forced into personal bankruptcy

After a contested legal battle that lasted more than eight months, two former principals of the fraudulently-operated Evergreen Security offshore mutual fund - and a Florida investment firm they ran - have been forced into bankruptcy in the United States.Involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions against Jon M. Knight, of Sorrento, Florida; J. Anthony Huggins, of Orlando, Florida; and their Florida corporation Atlantic Portfolio Analytics & Management Inc. were approved at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida on March 29, 2007.

Insider Talking: May 5, 2006

A United States court has ordered former insiders of British Virgin Islands incorporated Evergreen Security Ltd. to repay $10.4 million that they received in fraudulent transfers from the unregistered offshore mutual fund before it collapsed in 2001. In a judgment

Insider Talking: November 4, 2005

After more than four years on the run, ‘sex.com' domain name thief Stephen Cohen - whose illegal proceeds are believed to be hidden offshore - was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico on October 27, 2005 and turned over to U. S.

Investment fraudster receives 37-month prison term

One of the key figures in an offshore investment fraud has been sentenced to 37 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution of $124 million.Robert W. Boyd was sentenced at the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida on August 22, 2005 for his role in the operation of Evergreen Security Ltd., an unlicensed investment fund that was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands but largely operated from the United States and the Bahamas.

Insider Talking: March 31, 2005

Three former senior officers of The Harris Organization, which defrauded clients out of tens of millions of dollars before collapsing in 2002, are back in business in Panama. Lawrence George Gandolfi, 65, a.k.a. Larry Gandolfi Christopher Glover Davy, 60, and

Evergreen Security recovers $3.7 m from Bahamas bank

Failed hedge fund Evergreen Security has recovered $3.7 million from Bahamas-based Surety Bank & Trust Ltd. (in liquidation). The recovery represents funds that were allegedly stolen by Thomas Spencer and Robert Boyd, who were founders of Evergreen and shareholders of the bank.

Insider Talking: March 31, 2004

A company formed by British investment fraudsters Lincoln Fraser and Jared Brook to disrupt the administration liquidation of their failed Imperial Consolidated Group, including perpetrating an asset recovery fraud against Imperial's investors, is about to go the way of most,

Evergreen Trustee sues Bank of Butterfield, Lions Gate Management et al

Bermuda-based Bank of Butterfield and Bahamas-based offshore provider Lions Gate Management have been named as defendants in the latest wave of lawsuits filed by the Bankruptcy Trustee of Evergreen Security, an unlicensed mutual fund which defrauded its investors of over $200 million. Twenty-two new actions were filed at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, in Orlando, on January 23, 2003 and four previously-dismissed lawsuits have been reopened, said Bankruptcy Trustee Bill Cuthill.

Bank of Butterfield sued for $115 million by Evergreen Security Bankruptcy Trustee

Bermuda-based Bank of Butterfield is being sued for $115 million by the by the Bankruptcy Trustee of Evergreen Security, an unlicensed mutual fund which defrauded its investors of over $200 million. The Bank is being sued in its capacity as a custodian for Evergreen, as is Bear Stearns, which is a defendant in a separate action.

Evergreen Security’s William Zylka sentenced to 6-18 years in prison

A principal of an unlicensed mutual fund incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and managed in Florida was sentenced in October to serve six to 18 years in state prison in the United States.William J. Zylka, who helped to operate Evergreen Security Ltd., had previously pleaded guilty to multiple counts of grand larceny, fraud and conspiracy at New York State Supreme Court.

More criminal indictments in Evergreen Security investigation

Two businessmen whose interests have included Bahamas investment firms and a Bermuda reinsurer have been criminally indicted in the United States for their alleged involvement in a massive investment fraud.Jon Knight, 56, and J. Anthony Huggins, 63, stole $6.5 million from an account at the Bank of Butterfield in the name of British Virgin Islands-registered Evergreen Security, according to the complaint.

Two new lawsuits filed in Evergreen Security bankruptcy

Two new civil lawsuits have been filed against parties believed to have contributed to the collapse of Evergreen Security, an unlicensed 'mutual fund' that is believed to have defrauded investors of approximately $200 million.On July 9, 2002, Evergreen's Bankruptcy Trustee, Bill Cuthill Jr., announced he had sued Bahamas resident Greg A. White for an amount that could exceed $50 million.

Bahamas resident sued for more than $50 million by Evergreen Security’s Bankruptcy Trustee

A civil complaint has been filed against Bahamas resident Greg A. White as part of the investigation into Evergreen Security, whose principals defrauded its clients of more than $200 million.The action, which seeks to recover more than $50 million, was filed at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, in Orlando, by Evergreen's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee, R. W. (Bill) Cuthill, Jr.

76 lawsuits filed against Evergreen Security brokers

Seventy-six new lawsuits have been filed by the Bankruptcy Trustee of a fraudulently-run offshore 'mutual fund' known as Evergreen Security, which is insolvent by approximately $200 million. The actions, which have been filed in Florida, seek to reclaim more than $8.1 million that was allegedly fraudulently transferred by way of commissions to promoters of Evergreen.

Evergreen Trustee wants offshore trust company to turn over documents

OffshoreAlert reported last month that R.W. Cuthill, Jr., the Trustee of Evergreen Security Ltd., had filed an Adversary Proceeding against Costa Rica-based Intrados S.A. at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, where Evergreen has been in bankruptcy since January 23, 2001.

Former owner of AFC Re caught up in fraud investigation

The former owner of Bermuda-registered AFC Re has been caught up in an investigation into an alleged $200 million fraud involving an unlicensed offshore mutual fund.Atlantic Portfolio Analytics and Management, of Orlando, was an investment adviser to Evergreen Security Ltd., which filed for bankruptcy in Florida on January 23, 2001.

Asset freeze order against Surety Bank and Trust over failed mutual fund

A Florida court has issued an injunction forbidding the liquidator of Bahamas-based Surety Bank and Trust from distributing assets to seven people, including six of the bank's shareholders.The injunction is part of an investigation into an alleged $200 million fraud committed in the name of Evergreen Security Ltd., which effectively operated as an unlicensed offshore mutual fund.

Insider Talking: July 31, 2001

The long-awaited criminal trial of Bahamas resident Yank Barry in Texas on charges that he bribed a prison governor to secure a lucrative contract for his soy-based food firm called VitaPro is due to start on August 7, 2001 following previous delays; A look at OffshoreBanc.com; Kevin Mann, Registrar of Mutual Funds in the British Virgin Islands, has issued a Cease and Desist Order against Ian Renert's so-called Equivest Premier Holdings (BVI) Inc., which has been holding itself out to be an offshore mutual fund manager; Evergreen Security - details about creditors and how much they are owed; The 'New Utopia' farce continues; Bahamian Hubert Bowe is still trotting out press releases at www.alexandersworld.net claiming that he is about to "break ground" on a major development called Alexander's World; The last remains of FIBG's sham insurer, IDIC, disappeared recently when its web-site at www.idic-ec.org went off-line; The purchase of about 10 million shares in Manchester United PLC for some GBP28 million (US$40 million) by BVI-registered The Cuban Expression Company Ltd. - pushing its overall stake up to 6.77 per cent - caused quite a stir among business and soccer reporters in England; Further misrepresentation by The Harris Organization of Panama; and Paul de Weerd leaves his position as Superintendent of the Turks & Caicos Financial Services Commission.

Daniel Danker sent to prison for investment fraud

One of the principals of a now defunct Grenada-registered bank has been sentenced to five years and 11 months in prison in the United States.Daniel G. Danker, 53, was also fined $50,000 and ordered to pay restitution of more than $20 million at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on July 15, 2001.