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    Investment funds in BVI and Nevis added as defendants to securities fraud complaint

    Four investment funds domiciled in the British Virgin Islands and one in Nevis have been added as defendants to a securities fraud complaint filed by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding an alleged scheme that raised over $90 million from at least 45 investors, with some of the funds being sent to the BVI and Bermuda.

    SEC v. Brian Raymond Callahan et al: Amended Complaint

    Amended Complaint in U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Brian Raymond Callahan, Horizon Global Advisors Ltd., Horizon Global Advisors, LLC, Diversified Global Investments (BVI) LP, The Masters Global Fund, LP, Fiduciary Select Income Fund, LP, Horizon Millennium Investments, LP, Pangea Offshore High Yield Portfolio, LLC, Adam Manson, Distinctive Investments LLC, and Distinctive Ventures LLC at the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.