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Tony Habib pleads guilty to fraud

Former Bermuda insurance company boss Tony Habib has pleaded guilty to masterminding an insurance fraud that swindled victims out of about $7 million.Habib, 38, who ran Bermuda-based Financial Services Insurance Ltd, is due to be sentenced by a New York court on January 25.

Tony Habib trial date postponed

The trial of Bermuda company boss Tony Habib, which was originally due to have been held on March 21, has been postponed because of additional time required by US investigators to gather information locally.

Trial date set for Tony Habib

A trial date for Bermuda company boss Tony Habib, who is accused of a multi-million dollar fraud, has been set for March 21 in the Federal Court southern district of New York.

Assets of Tony Habib company frozen in Bermuda

The Ministry of Finance has frozen the activities of a Bermuda-based insurance company after its chief executive and founder was arrested in New York on fraud charges.Alleged trickster Tony Habib, who heads Financial Services Insurance Ltd, is accused of conning auditors and insurance authorities here and in the US into believing that his company had over $50 million in assets. In reality, its finances are said to be "in serious jeopardy".