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    NY client sues offshore firms over failed Belvedere Management investments

    Thailand-based British financial adviser Paul Gambles and his MBMG Group, including firms in the BVI, Mauritius, Singapore, and Thailand, are being sued for $3.5M in Bermuda by a U.S. client whose cash was invested in funds managed by the Belvedere Management Group, whose fraudulent operations were exposed by OffshoreAlert in 2015.

    Thomas Doctoroff v. Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd. et al: Writ of Summons

    Specially Endorsed Writ of Summons in Thomas Doctoroff, of New York, NY v. Crown Global Life Insurance Ltd., of Bermuda; Paul Gambles, a citizen of the United Kingdom residing in Thailand; MBMG Investment Advisory Company Ltd., of Thailand; MBMG Group Singapore Pte., of Singapore; MBMG International Custodians Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; MBMG Asset Management Limited, of Mauritius, and Garmor Asset Management Ltd., of Mauritius, at Bermuda Supreme Court.

    Mauritius bans three more Belvedere Management Group directors

    Three more individuals - Kenneth Maillard, Laval Law and Rajindersingh Borthosow - have been banned from the financial services industry in Mauritius as a result of their involvement in the Belvedere Management Group, which was exposed as a fraudulent enterprise by OffshoreAlert in 2015.

    RDL Management Ltd.: License Revocation

    Public Notice by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission announcing the recovation of the Global Business Category 1 License, the Investment Adviser (Unrestricted) License and the CIS Manager License held by RDL Management Ltd.

    Belvedere’s David Cosgrove banned by Mauritius regulator

    Seventeen months after being exposed as a serial fraudster by OffshoreAlert, Irishman David Cosgrove has been banned from serving as a corporate officer in Mauritius, while fellow director Francess Henriette was also banned and Belvedere Management Limited has its management license revoked.

    Belvedere Fiduciary’s license suspended by Mauritius regulator

    Citing 'breach of fiduciary duty', the Mauritius Financial Services Commission has suspended the license of trust company Belvedere Fiduciary Limited, which is part of a rapidly-disintegrating fraudulent global business empire controlled by Irish business consultant David Cosgrove and South African fund manager Cobus Kellermann.

    BUSTED: British & Irish expats who help Belvedere Group swindle investors

    One day after new directors were appointed to 'ensure' that Cayman-domiciled Brighton SPC would be operated legally, the Fund illegally acquired a Gibraltar firm with bogus assets of $125 million, OffshoreAlert can reveal. The transfer allowed Belvedere and its accomplices in Britain, Dubai, Gibraltar, Spain and elsewhere to continue securities frauds involving firms listed on stock exchanges in Denmark, England and Germany.

    Guernsey FSC v. Lancelot Management Ltd. et al: Paul Yabsley Affidavit

    Affidavit by Paul Yabsley, Senior Analyst in the Enforcement Division of The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, in The Guernsey Financial Services Commission v. Lancelot Management Limited, The Global Mutual Fund PCC Limited, The Universal Mutual Fund ICC Limited, The Worldwide Mutual Fund PCC Limited, and The Trinity Global Fund at The Royal Court of Guernsey.

    Mauritius regulator closes down RDL Management after OffshoreAlert exposé

    The Mauritius Financial Services Commission today closed down a third company that was exposed by OffshoreAlert 13 days ago as being part of a massive investment fraud perpetrated by Belvedere Management Group. RDL Management Ltd. had its 'Collective Investment Scheme Manager License' suspended and was placed into administration.

    Lancelot Global PCC et al: Appointment of Administrators

    Public Notice by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission announcing the appointment of Joint Administrators for Lancelot Global PCC and The Four Elements PCC, which are part of the Belvedere Management Group.

    Mauritius regulator closes down two Belvedere Management fund companies

    Two key investment fund companies operated by Belvedere Management Group - Lancelot Global PCC and The Four Elements PCC - have had their business licenses revoked in Mauritius - four days after the group was exposed as a massive criminal enterprise by OffshoreAlert.

    The Four Elements PCC: License Revocation

    Public Notice announcing the revocation of the 'Global Business Licence' and 'Collective Investment Scheme Authorization' of The Four Elements PCC by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

    EXPOSED: Belvedere Management’s massive criminal enterprise

    Offshore fund group Belvedere Management, which claims to have $16 billion of assets under administration, management and advisory, appears to be one of the biggest criminal financial enterprises in history, headed by David Cosgrove, Cobus Kellermann and Kenneth Maillard, OffshoreAlert can reveal.

    The Four Elements PCC: Warning

    Public Notice by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission warning the public about The Four Elements PCC.

    The Four Elements PCC: 2013 Audited Financials

    Financial Statements of The Four Elements PCC Limited for the year ended December 31, 2013. In issuing a qualified opinion, auditor BDO stated that more than one-third of the claimed assets of nearly €200 million might not exist or be recoverable.